Winter Challenge Series Q-Points

40 points

40 Points will be awarded for placing 1st in your division.

25 points

25 Points will be awarded for placing 2nd in your division.

15 points

15 Points will be awarded for placing 3rd in your division.

10 points

10 Points will be awarded for each tournament your team participates in.

10 points

10 Points for playing up in a PTS combined division.

Top 3 point earners at the conclusion of the Winter Challenge Series in each division will win Entry Fee Credits for the Road to Nationals Series & Division Winner Bag Tags.

1st:   $300 Credit
2nd:  $150 Credit
3rd:   $75 Credit

Each Market will be awarded a Grand Champion who will receive FREE ENTRY to all Road to National Events and a Grand Champion Custom Backpack!


Highest Point Earner for the Market (Dallas / Houston) will be awarded FREE ENTRY to ALL Road to Nationals events and Grand Champion Custom Backpacks!

1Defenders Elite 2028 Silver2956th Boys
2Texas All American Prep28510th Boys
3F-5 Elite23010th Boys
4Impact Players 20261958th Boys
53dHA1906th Boys
53dHA1907th Boys
7Texas Elite Flight 2027 - Gray1707th Girls
8UA EAD Southlake1507th Boys
8JAB1508th Boys
10Texas Tar Heels 20301454th Boys
10BDB Champions1459th Boys
12Clutch Sports Academy 20281406th Boys
12Team Lex Tarheels Gatewood1408th Girls
14DFW Stars/Icons 20291355th Boys
15Argyle Eagles1306th Boys
16RBA Academy1157th Boys
16Drive Nation 2026 Bell1158th Boys
16Firenice Basketball Academy1157th Girls
19Blade1104th Boys
19AYG Lakers 2029 Select1105th Boys
19Triumph Black1108th Boys
19DC Queens 2028 Grey1106th Girls
23Blade1055th Boys
233dHA1058th Boys
25RBA Academy 202410010th Boys
25Urban Heroes 20301004th Boys
25Max Levels Elite 2028 White1006th Boys
25Dallas Blue 20271007th Boys
25Proskills Emmanuel1007th Boys
25NLE 20251009th Boys
25Park City Kings1009th Boys
25Hoop Society 20301004th Girls
25Hoop Society 20281006th Girls
25True Texas Hoops 2028 National1006th Girls
35HUB 2031/2030954th Boys
35Texas Dynasty 2030954th Boys
35Drive Nation 2029 Potts955th Boys
35Drive Nation 2028 Zeigler956th Boys
35Blade958th Boys
35TX Elite 2nd to None958th Boys
35True Texas Hoops 2028 Red956th Girls
42Spartans 2027907th Boys
42Valor 2026908th Boys
42Lady Unity 2031903rd Girls
42Team Lex 2027 White907th Girls
46HUB 2030 Red854th Boys
46Triumph Gold858th Boys
46TX Elite 2nd to None Black859th Boys
46Team Lex Tarheels Allen856th Girls
46Team Lex Tarheels Allen857th Girls
46Texas Legends 2027857th Girls
46Hurricanes Dallas858th Girls
53Broskies804th Boys
53UA EAD Southlake805th Boys
53Blade807th Boys
56Irving Heat7511/12th Boys
56Defenders Elite 2031/32753rd Boys
56HUB 2029755th Boys
56TX Elite 2nd to None756th Boys
60NTX Reign7011/12th Boys
60MC Elite 2029705th Boys
60RBA Academy705th Boys
60Southeast Dallas Wolverines705th Boys
60Unity 2029 Black705th Boys
60JAB706th Boys
60Argyle Eagles707th Boys
60RWG STEM707th Boys
60HIT Basketball708th Boys
60AYG Lakers 2025 Elite709th Boys
60LOJO 2031703rd Girls
60The BASICS Elite Girls707th Girls
72Team United Texas 20246510th Boys
73Triumph Wilson604th Boys
73Beyond The Rim606th Boys
73MC Elite 2028606th Boys
73RBA Academy 2028606th Boys
73Texas Dynasty 2026608th Boys
73DC Queens Grey607th Girls
79Texas Finest5511/12th Boys
79Texas Dynasty 2029555th Boys
79GME 2027557th Boys
79Rhythm Elite 2026558th Boys
79Future Spartans559th Boys
79RBA Academy 2025559th Boys
79UA EAD Southlake559th Boys
86BBSS 16U5010th Boys
86Team ESBY 2030504th Boys
86Urban Heroes 2030 Yellow504th Boys
86Max Levels Elite 2029 White505th Boys
86North Texas Legacy 2029505th Boys
86Stealth Bombers505th Boys
86Texas Dynasty Cross505th Boys
86Texas Heat505th Boys
86Jets Elite 2028506th Boys
86NTB506th Boys
86Texas Tar Heels 2028506th Boys
863d Empire507th Boys
86Aledo Bearcats507th Boys
86Hard Hoops507th Boys
86Lightning Elite 2027507th Boys
86Platinum 2027 - Richardson507th Boys
86Team Devoted 2027507th Boys
86Triumph Gold507th Boys
86Valor 2027507th Boys
86Bruins 2026508th Boys
86DC Kings Waco 2026508th Boys
86GME 2026508th Boys
86Hard Hoops508th Boys
86Max Levels Elite 2026 Blue508th Boys
86Saints Elite 2026508th Boys
86TBB 2026508th Boys
86Team Buddy Buckets 2026508th Boys
86Team Devoted (Deffebaugh)508th Boys
86Texas Dynasty 2027508th Boys
86Ballers Elite 2025509th Boys
86Be Elite509th Boys
86CT Ballers504th Girls
86Mambacitas505th Girls
86T.B.I. BALLSTARS505th Girls
86True Texas Hoops 2029 National505th Girls
86Lady Drive Nation 2028 Goodspeed506th Girls
86A1 Sauce508th Girls
86Hurricanes Dallas Orange508th Girls
86Lady Drive Nation 2026 Topping508th Girls
86Proskills - Peterson508th Girls
86True Texas Hoops 2026 Red508th Girls
127Texas Titans 2024-20254510th Boys
127Max Levels Elite 2031453rd Boys
127Triumph Wilson455th Boys
127North Texas Mambas 2028456th Boys
127Texas Dynasty 2028456th Boys
127JAB457th Boys
127Triumph Black457th Boys
127Dream Chasers458th Boys
135LJ Leopards403rd Boys
135BDB Champions405th Boys
135BDB Champions408th Boys
135Texas Elite Flight 2027 - Black407th Girls
139EAD-NORTH3510th Boys
139Honey Badgers3510th Boys
139Islamic School of Irving Varsity Boys3511/12th Boys
139Texas Titans3511/12th Boys
139Texas Dynasty353rd Boys
139All or Nothing Elite354th Boys
139Dallas Elite 2030354th Boys
139Max Levels Elite 2030 Blue354th Boys
139Texas Stars354th Boys
139Outlaws355th Boys
139All or Nothing Elite356th Boys
139Dallas Elite 2028356th Boys
139Storm Surge356th Boys
139Texas Dynasty Cross356th Boys
139Triumph Black356th Boys
139Triumph Gold356th Boys
139Valor 2028356th Boys
139Ellis Elite 2027357th Boys
139Southern Assault 2028357th Boys
139Spartans Black357th Boys
139TBB 2027357th Boys
139Team Buddy Buckets 2027357th Boys
139TEXAN ELITE357th Boys
139TX Elite 2nd to None357th Boys
139Mustangs 26358th Boys
139NTE Elite358th Boys
139Southern Assault 2026358th Boys
139Team Devoted (Brown)358th Boys
139TFC Premier358th Boys
139Matadors359th Boys
139HG Select 2030354th Girls
139CT Ballers355th Girls
139SYA Hoops355th Girls
139Team Stay Ready 2029355th Girls
139HG Select 2028356th Girls
139Kingston Lady Redskins356th Girls
139Victory Elite356th Girls
139Reckless Ballers357th Girls
139True Texas Hoops 2027 National357th Girls
139Dallas Roadrunners358th Girls
139Platinum BIQ358th Girls
181Firenice Basketball Academy306th Boys
181Proskills Chad308th Boys
183Intimidators2511/12th Boys
183Team Stay Ready 2030254th Boys
183CSA 2029255th Boys
183Team United Texas 2029255th Boys
183Dallas Elite White256th Boys
183HUB 2028256th Boys
183AYG Lakers 2027 Select257th Boys
183Max Levels Elite 2027 Blue257th Boys
183Team Hustle257th Boys
183Texas Dynasty Sword257th Boys
183Ellis Elite 2026258th Boys
183Kingston Redskins258th Boys
183Lightning Elite258th Boys
183RZB Elite 2026258th Boys
183Southern Assault 2027258th Boys
183Spartans 2026258th Boys
183Texas Tar Heels 2026258th Boys
183Triple Threat258th Boys
183Team Drew259th Boys
183TFC PREMIER259th Boys
183Team Stay Ready 2031253rd Girls
183DC Queens 2029 - Royse City255th Girls
183East Texas Intensity255th Girls
183Pink Panthers255th Girls
183Team Stay Ready 2028256th Girls
183Shooters United 2027257th Girls
183RBA Academy 2026258th Girls
210Islamic School of Irving JV Boys2010th Boys
210Spartans 20242010th Boys
210Cavs Hoops2011/12th Boys
210Team Stay Ready 2031203rd Boys
210Honey Badgers204th Boys
210Jets Elite (2029)205th Boys
210Urban Heroes 2029205th Boys
210Goldthwaite Eagles206th Boys
210North Texas Heat206th Boys
210North Texas Legacy 2028206th Boys
210Texas Impact Select206th Boys
210Be Elite207th Boys
210D-Town Magic207th Boys
210DFW Raiders207th Boys
210Texas Dynasty Cross207th Boys
210Ball Is Life208th Boys
210North Texas Legacy 2026208th Boys
210NTX Reign208th Boys
210North Texas Heat206th Girls
210NTX Reign206th Girls
210Kingston Lady Redskins207th Girls
210Team Lex Tarheels Gatewood207th Girls
210LOJO 2026208th Girls
210Proskills Chad 2026208th Girls
234AYG Lakers 2030 Select104th Boys
234BDB Champions104th Boys
234Be Elite104th Boys
234Dallas Showtyme Premier - Davis104th Boys
234K5 Elite105th Boys
234Team ESBY 2030105th Boys
234Texas Tar Heels 2029105th Boys
234Anna Coyotes106th Boys
234BDB Champions106th Boys
234HG Elite 2028106th Boys
234Sherman Bearcats 2028106th Boys
234Team Stay Ready 2028106th Boys
234Texas Dynasty Sword106th Boys
234Texas Heat106th Boys
234Honey Badgers107th Boys
234Stephenville Elite107th Boys
234Valor 2028 Black107th Boys
234DC Kings 2026 Black108th Boys
234Irving Heat108th Boys
234Max Levels Elite 2026 White108th Boys
234Strike The Mark108th Boys
234Team Express108th Boys
234Team Stay Ready 2026108th Boys
234Texas Dynasty Cross108th Boys
234Texas Stars108th Boys
234Triple Threat109th Boys
234TX Elite 2nd to None Silver109th Boys
234212 - 2029/2030105th Girls
234Hurricanes Dallas105th Girls
234REBELS105th Girls
234East Texas Intensity106th Girls
234Hurricanes Dallas106th Girls
234Shooters United 28/29106th Girls
234Diamonds Elite107th Girls
234ACE 2026108th Girls
234C4 Basketball108th Girls
234Proskills - Williams108th Girls
234SYA Hoops108th Girls
1CyFair Elite HTX 2028-Red2656th Girls
2Katy Kings2203rd Boys
3Texas Outlaws 2029 - Blue2055th Boys
4Katy Warriors2004th Boys
4Houston Hoops AAS 2026 - Bob2008th Boys
6Houston Hoops AAS 2027 - Frankenfield1957th Boys
7CyFair Elite HTX 2026 - Red1808th Girls
9Hustle & Heart1756th Girls
10Cypress Clutch1707th Boys
11Texas Prolific Basketball1604th Boys
12BLZ - 202414510th Boys
12Cypress Clutch1454th Boys
12RL9 - 20291455th Boys
16Steam Ahead Basketball - 20261308th Boys
16G4G Elite1309th Boys
18UNDERDAWGZ 20291205th Boys
18BLZ - 20281206th Boys
18Stang Select Hoops 2028 - Blue1206th Boys
18CyFair Elite HTX -2028-White1206th Girls
22RL9 - 20271157th Boys
22JL3 2026 - Blue1158th Boys
24Baskets Academy1105th Boys
24Houston Problems - 20261108th Boys
24Nemesis Crushers1106th Girls
27Baskets Academy1056th Boys
27Invictus Red Storm 20281056th Boys
27North Houston Hustle1057th Boys
27BLZ - 20261058th Boys
27Next Generation Alphas1059th Boys
32Houston Nets JV10010th Boys
32Northwest Elite Houston10011/12th Boys
32Lock'D In 20291005th Boys
32DYG Flyers1006th Boys
32JL3 2028 - Blue1006th Boys
32Drive Nation HTX 2027 - Kingcaid1007th Boys
32Hays Hornets10011/12th Girls
32DC Queens Waco 20291005th Girls
40Triple Threat909th Girls
42Blueprint Basketball856th Boys
42RL9 - 2028 White856th Boys
42Team Texas Explosion856th Boys
45Houston Sauce Squad Elite (HSSE)8011/12th Boys
45RL9 - 2030804th Boys
45Grizzlies806th Boys
45Houston Hoops AAS 2028 - Leonard806th Boys
45RL9 - 2028 Black806th Boys
45Texas Outlaws 2027 - Blue807th Boys
45Houston Hoops AAS 2026 - Colbert808th Boys
45RL9 - 2026808th Boys
54CyFair Elite HTX 2030-Red754th Boys
54Stang Select Hoops 2029755th Boys
54CyFair Elite HTX 2027-Red757th Boys
54Stang Select Hoops 2027757th Boys
54North Houston Hustle758th Boys
59HF Elite7010th Boys
59Cypress Shock7011/12th Boys
59Hot City Hoops7011/12th Boys
59CTX Lakers703rd Boys
59D5 Global704th Boys
59Gulf Coast Canes 2030704th Boys
59North Houston Hustle 2030704th Boys
59UNDERDAWGZ 2030704th Boys
59Team Texas Explosion705th Boys
59MO CITY BALLERS 2028 - Black706th Boys
59Down South Runnerz - 2027707th Boys
59HVA 2027707th Boys
59Nene Elite - Green707th Boys
59Nene Elite 2027 - Gold708th Boys
59Hoop Dreams704th Girls
59Triple Threat (Black)705th Girls
59Amarillo Lady Blue Devils708th Girls
76Texas Outlaws 2031 - Orange653rd Boys
76Texas Outlaws 2028 - Blue656th Boys
76Houston Black Ops Elite658th Boys
76BLZ - 2025659th Boys
80MO CITY BALLERS 2030 - Black604th Boys
80Team Texas Explosion604th Boys
80Team Stackz604th Girls
83Steam Ahead Basketball - 2027557th Boys
83Triple Threat (Black)557th Boys
83Nemesis Crushers559th Boys
83Nemesis Crushers - Huntsville559th Boys
87BLZ 20225011/12th Boys
87HF Elite 20235011/12th Boys
87W.A.R. Athletics5011/12th Boys
87Down South Runnerz - 2028504th Boys
87BLZ - 2029505th Boys
87Lock'D In 2028506th Boys
87HVA 2026508th Boys
87MO CITY BALLERS 2026 - Black508th Boys
87W.A.R. Athletics5011/12th Girls
87DYG Flyers505th Girls
87Texas Clutch505th Girls
87North Houston Hustle508th Girls
87North Houston Lady Hustle 2026 - Platinum508th Girls
87REAL Lady Ballers 2026508th Girls
102Invictus Red Storm 2030454th Boys
102CyFair Elite HTX 2029-White455th Boys
102Elite Mentality458th Boys
102Nemesis Crushers455th Girls
102Triple Threat456th Girls
102Eyecan Takeover458th Girls
102IJU458th Girls
110KDC International 10U - Elite404th Boys
110Nemesis Crushers404th Boys
110Texas Outlaws 2030 - Blue404th Boys
110Texas Outlaws 2026 - Blue408th Boys
110Rod Jacques Basketball Academy406th Girls
115Zone 63511/12th Boys
115CyFair Elite HTX 2030-White354th Boys
115JL3354th Boys
115CyFair Elite HTX 2029-Red355th Boys
115KDC International355th Boys
115CyFair Elite HTX 2028 - National356th Boys
115CyFair Elite HTX 2028-Red356th Boys
115Nemesis Crushers356th Boys
115North Houston Hustle 2028356th Boys
115Stang Select Hoops 2028 - Silver356th Boys
115936 Elite 2027357th Boys
115Tomball Nuggets 2027 Red357th Boys
115Tomball Nuggets Black 2027357th Boys
115CyFair Elite HTX 2026-Navy358th Boys
115Nemesis Crushers358th Boys
115Principles First Select358th Boys
115Richmond Raptors 2026358th Boys
115Eyecan Takeover355th Girls
115Lady Elite Gold356th Girls
115Fulshear Fenom357th Girls
135Steam Ahead Basketball 2027 - Elite307th Boys
135GTSA308th Boys
135THE BALLER ACADEMY 2026308th Boys
138Lock Down Elite2510th Boys
138Salt and Light Sports2511/12th Boys
138Houston Defenders 2030254th Boys
138Gulf Coast Canes 2029255th Boys
138Legends - 2029255th Boys
138SWAG Elite255th Boys
138Stang Select Hoops 2028 - White256th Boys
138Texas Outlaws 2028 - Orange256th Boys
138CSHoops257th Boys
138Katy Eclipse257th Boys
138MO CITY BALLERS258th Boys
138The Basketball Academy258th Boys
138LHSA2511/12th Girls
138Houston United255th Girls
138Lake City Mambas255th Girls
138CSHoops256th Girls
138Lady Elite Black256th Girls
138365 Elite258th Girls
138San Antonio Lady Hoops Maroon258th Girls
157Airballers Elite2010th Boys
157LHSA - JV2010th Boys
157MO CITY BALLERS2010th Boys
157Baskets Academy204th Boys
157Calvin Murphy's Planet Hoops204th Boys
157Down South Runnerz - 2029205th Boys
157GSA Allstars 2028206th Boys
157HLN 2028206th Boys
157JL3 2028 - White206th Boys
157Katy Eclipse 2028206th Boys
157SAOT Spurs Elite206th Boys
157Tomball Triple Threat206th Boys
157JL3 2027 - Scott207th Boys
157Lock'D In 2027207th Boys
157Team Temple 2027207th Boys
157Triple Threat (Carolina)207th Boys
1571 Nation208th Boys
157CyFair Elite HTX 2026-White208th Boys
157Drive Nation Houston 2026 - Scales208th Boys
157JL3 2026 - Jackson208th Boys
157LA Blaze208th Boys
157New Wave 2026208th Boys
157Team Temple 2026208th Boys
157YBA208th Boys
157Houston Dream Team2011/12th Girls
157Triple Threat (Carolina)205th Girls
157North Houston Hustle206th Girls
157REAL Lady Ballers 2027207th Girls
157Houston United 2026208th Girls
186MO CITY BALLERS 2024 - Black1010th Boys
186LHSA - Varsity1011/12th Boys
186Houston Defenders 2031103rd Boys
186CSHoops Black104th Boys
186CSHoops Silver104th Boys
186MO CITY BALLERS 2030 - Red104th Boys
186Next Generation Betas104th Boys
186CSHoops105th Boys
186MO CITY BALLERS 2029 - Black105th Boys
186Nemesis Crushers105th Boys
186Runnin Ravens105th Boys
186Texas Outlaws 2029 - Orange105th Boys
186365 Elite106th Boys
186CSHoops106th Boys
186Houston Defenders 2028 - White106th Boys
186Principles First Select - 2028106th Boys
186Rod Jacques Basketball Academy106th Boys
186Shockers 2028106th Boys
186Storm Surge106th Boys
186BLZ - 2027107th Boys
186GSA Allstars 2028107th Boys
186Next Generation Omegas107th Boys
186Northside Dragons107th Boys
186Rod Jacques Basketball Academy107th Boys
186Runnin' Bulls107th Boys
186The Mile Academy 2027107th Boys
186CSHoops Black108th Boys
186CSHoops Silver108th Boys
186LHSA 2026108th Boys
186Salt and Light Sports108th Boys
186SRCA21108th Boys
186THE BALLER ACADEMY - 2025109th Boys
186CSHoops108th Girls
186North Houston Lady Hustle 2026 - Gold108th Girls

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