Road to Nationals Series Q-Points

Top 3 point earners at the conclusion of the Road to Nationals Series in each division will win a percentage paid sponsorship to the 2022 PrimeTime Sports National Basketball Championship.

1st:   100%
2nd:  50%
3rd:   25%

Each Market will be awarded a Grand Champion who will receive FREE ENTRY to ALL 2022/2023 PrimeTime Sports Events (exclusive of NBC) & Grand Champion Custom Backpacks.

2X Q-Points awarded for Sponsorship Events & Exposure Series Events.

40 points

40 Points will be awarded for placing 1st in your division.

25 points

25 Points will be awarded for placing 2nd in your division.

15 points

15 Points will be awarded for placing 3rd in your division.

10 points

10 Points will be awarded for each tournament your team participates in.

10 points

10 Points for playing up in a PTS combined division.


Highest Point Earner for the Market (Dallas / Houston) will be awarded percentage paid sponsorships to the 2021 PrimeTime Sports National Basketball Championship!

1HUB 2030 Red3204th Boys
2Hoop Society 20283156th Girls
3RBA Academy 20262208th Girls
4Defenders Elite 2028 Silver2056th Boys
4Shooters United Elite20511/12th Girls
63d EMPIRE2008th Boys
6Hoop Society 20292005th Girls
8LE Lobos Elite 20291855th Boys
8Shooters United Elite18510th Girls
103d Empire1757th Boys
10Hoop Society 20261758th Girls
12Team Phenoms1704th Girls
13Ellis Elite 20281606th Boys
13Team Phenoms1608th Boys
15Texas All American Prep15510th Boys
15NLE 20251559th Boys
17OWE 2028 Blue1506th Boys
17T.B.I. BALLSTARS1505th Girls
17True Texas Hoops 2028 Red1506th Girls
20HUB 2031 Black1403rd Boys
20FM PRIDE1409th Boys
22Argyle Eagles1356th Boys
22Saints Elite 20261358th Boys
24Drive Nation 2028 Zeigler1306th Boys
25Team Phenoms1254th Boys
25Valor 2029 Black1255th Boys
25East Texas Premier 20291255th Girls
28The Rock12010th Boys
28Lee Green12011/12th Boys
28HUB 20291205th Boys
28NTB 20291205th Boys
28Impact Players 20261208th Boys
28S G B C 202512010th Girls
28OWE 20261208th Girls
35RBA Academy 202411010th Boys
35Hoop Society1107th Boys
35Arkansas Underdogs1108th Boys
35Texas Stars1108th Boys
35Team Liberty11011/12th Girls
40DC Kings 2026 Black1058th Boys
40Park Cities Kings1059th Boys
40TEO - Hogg10511/12th Girls
40LHS 2030 White1054th Girls
44Defenders Elite 202410010th Boys
44Rock City Elite 202410010th Boys
44CH Elite Hawks10011/12th Boys
44C-White Elite10011/12th Boys
44EAD Midcities Black10011/12th Boys
44United Ballers10011/12th Boys
44Texas Stars1003rd Boys
44Proskills 2027 - Garrett1007th Boys
44RBA Academy1007th Boys
44Rockwall Rebels 20271007th Boys
44BigTyme Sports UA Gold1008th Boys
44Flash! Elite 20261008th Boys
44Fusion Elite1009th Boys
44Union 2025 Black1009th Boys
44MWB Lady Bulldogs1007th Girls
44Texas Elite Flight 2027 - Gray1007th Girls
44SYA Hoops1009th Girls
61TEO - Hogg9511/12th Boys
61SYA Hoops9511/12th Girls
61Lady Jets 2027957th Girls
64Blade904th Boys
64UA EAD Southlake909th Boys
64True Texas Hoops 2029 National905th Girls
64OWE 2028906th Girls
68Pirates 20248510th Boys
68FIVE STAR XXIX855th Boys
68Upside Athletics857th Boys
68LOJO 2026858th Boys
68DC Kings 2025 Silver859th Boys
68Texas Elite Ft.Worth (maroon)8511/12th Girls
68MCBC857th Girls
68Hunt United 25/26859th Girls
76Max Levels Elite 2031803rd Boys
76JAB806th Boys
76Ellis Elite 2027807th Boys
76EAB2026808th Boys
76Ellis Elite 2026808th Boys
76Union Black 2026808th Boys
76Union Purple 2026808th Boys
76S. G. B. C. 2026808th Girls
84All Things Are Possible7510th Boys
84Defenders Elite 2031/32753rd Boys
84RBA Academy755th Boys
84HUB 2028756th Boys
84NTB 2028756th Boys
84Team Devoted (Hinson)757th Boys
84Texas Elite Flight 2027 - Black757th Girls
91ESF7010th Boys
91North Texas Storm Elite 20247010th Boys
91Texas Dynamics7010th Boys
91Leopards7011/12th Boys
91Midcities Green7011/12th Boys
91LE Lobos Elite 2030704th Boys
91MO CITY BALLERS 2030 - Black704th Boys
91Texas Tar Heels 2029705th Boys
91Valor 2028706th Boys
91BigTyme Sports UA White707th Boys
91Kings 2027707th Boys
91Southern Assault 2027707th Boys
91JAB708th Boys
91KellerTexans White708th Boys
91NTX Elite 2026708th Boys
91Proskills 2026 - Tony708th Boys
91Team FOE 2026 Elite708th Boys
91Ballers Elite 2025709th Boys
91Union 2025 Purple709th Boys
91Prodigy 16U7010th Girls
91BigTyme Sports Lady Pink705th Girls
91DC Queens Juicy707th Girls
91BCB Elite708th Girls
91LOJO 2026708th Girls
91Truth Basketball708th Girls
1163dHA656th Boys
116North Texas Mambas 2028656th Boys
116Drive Nation 2026 Bell658th Boys
116EAB 2025659th Boys
116Lady Lions Elite656th Girls
116Shooters United 2027657th Girls
116SYA Hoops658th Girls
123Team Phenoms6010th Boys
123Drive Nation 2029 Potts605th Boys
123DFW Raiders607th Boys
123Nike Texas Select608th Boys
123BDBA Panthers609th Boys
123Blade Black609th Boys
123CyFair Elite DFW 2025609th Boys
123Dream Leaders Elite609th Boys
123Game Ready609th Boys
123Texas Stars609th Boys
123Pels Elite 20246010th Girls
123Fort Worth Lady Hornets6011/12th Girls
123212 - 2029604th Girls
123TEO - Hogg605th Girls
123HUB 2027/2028606th Girls
123Lady Razorbacks Elite606th Girls
123The BASICS Elite Girls607th Girls
123HUB 2025/2026608th Girls
123Team Lex Tarheels Gatewood608th Girls
123Oklahoma Lightning 2025609th Girls
143Max Levels Elite 2028 White556th Boys
143BYG Elite 2026558th Boys
143TEO - Hogg558th Boys
143Shooters United5511/12th Girls
143TEO - Hogg558th Girls
143Hurricanes Dallas559th Girls
143Prodigy 15U559th Girls
150Be Elite5010th Boys
150Campbell Elite5010th Boys
150Midcities Green5010th Boys
150MTAG Wolfpack5010th Boys
150Southwest Hornets Elite 20245010th Boys
150Tarrant Elite 16u5010th Boys
150Triumph 16u5010th Boys
150C2G 20245011/12th Boys
150Devoted5011/12th Boys
150Next Level Oklahoma5011/12th Boys
150NTX Reign5011/12th Boys
150PB Nation 17u Silver5011/12th Boys
150Texas Tar Heels - Chambers5011/12th Boys
150Texas Wildcats Varsity Elite5011/12th Boys
150United Ballers Black5011/12th Boys
150Fort Worth Smoke504th Boys
150HUB 2030 Black504th Boys
150Kingdom Performance504th Boys
150OWE 2030504th Boys
150Texas Dynasty 2030504th Boys
1502029 MA Trojans505th Boys
150Big6elite 2030505th Boys
150Fort Worth Crush 2029505th Boys
150Kategory 5505th Boys
150NTX Hoopsters505th Boys
150Argyle 2028506th Boys
150Jets Elite 2028506th Boys
150Max Levels Elite 2028 Vic506th Boys
150Midland Elite506th Boys
150Valor 2028 Black506th Boys
1503dHA507th Boys
150Ballers Nation Blue 13U507th Boys
150Campbell Elite507th Boys
150Dallas Showtyme 13U Future507th Boys
150Destined for Greatness507th Boys
150Eagles507th Boys
150Playmakers507th Boys
150Proskills Nationals 2027507th Boys
150Southern Metroplex Unified (SMU)507th Boys
150Texas Dynasty 2027507th Boys
150Texas Stars507th Boys
1503dHA508th Boys
150Bruins 2026508th Boys
150Hays Hornets (Lloyd)508th Boys
150Mustangs 26508th Boys
150SBC Razorbacks Elite 2026508th Boys
150TX Elite 2nd to None508th Boys
150UN1TY 2026508th Boys
150Urban DFW Elite508th Boys
150Young Ballers Academy (YBA)508th Boys
150AGA Willis509th Boys
150AYG Lakers 2025 Elite509th Boys
150Drive Nation509th Boys
150Max Levels 15's Blue509th Boys
150Max Levels National 15u509th Boys
150Mindset509th Boys
150NTB509th Boys
150Oklahoma RSE Basketball 2025509th Boys
150ProSkills SA 15 Red509th Boys
150TEO Hogg Silver509th Boys
150TNG 2025509th Boys
150TTG509th Boys
150TX Elite 2nd to None Black509th Boys
150DFW Hawks 16u Platinum5010th Girls
150Lady Ballers Nation5010th Girls
150Oklahoma huskies5010th Girls
150OWE 20245010th Girls
15055buckets5011/12th Girls
150DC Queens 20235011/12th Girls
150Lady Jets5011/12th Girls
150Lady Stangs-BLACK5011/12th Girls
150Lone Star Magic5011/12th Girls
150Team Lex Loaded5011/12th Girls
150LHS 2029505th Girls
150Proskills 2029 National505th Girls
150TBC 2029505th Girls
150Texas Heat 2030505th Girls
150Lady Drive Nation 2028506th Girls
150League City Sharks 2028506th Girls
150Oklahoma Lightning 2028506th Girls
150Victory Elite506th Girls
150Oklahoma Lightning 2027507th Girls
150Team Lex 2027 White507th Girls
150True Texas Hoops 2027 National507th Girls
150TTB507th Girls
150Austin Elite Sparks508th Girls
150DFW Hawks 2026 King508th Girls
150DFW Hawks 2027508th Girls
150Shooters United 2026508th Girls
150True Texas Hoops 2026 Red508th Girls
150UA EAD 2026 Grand Prairie508th Girls
150True Texas Hoops 15U Blue509th Girls
243EAB20244510th Boys
243BYG Elite 20224511/12th Boys
243RZB Elite454th Boys
243Beyond The Rim456th Boys
243Dallas Showtyme 12U Future456th Boys
243D-Town Magic457th Boys
243NTX Elite 2027457th Boys
243UA EAD Southlake457th Boys
243East Dallas 1:7458th Boys
243Hurricanes Dallas458th Boys
243BDBA White459th Boys
243Be Elite459th Boys
243TEO - Hogg459th Boys
243Texas Wolves453rd Girls
243Texas Team Work 2029455th Girls
243DC Queens Royal 2027457th Girls
243Hunt United 27/28457th Girls
243West Texas Lady Blazers 14U458th Girls
243Lady Griffins459th Girls
243UA Lady EAD-North 15u459th Girls
263Santos Basketball403rd Boys
263TEO - Hogg405th Boys
263LE Lobos Elite 2028406th Boys
263Dc Kings 2025 Orange409th Boys
263Ellis Elite 2025409th Boys
263C4 Attack4010th Girls
263SYA Hoops405th Girls
263C4 Attack408th Girls
263C4 Basketball408th Girls
263Lady UA EAD Grand Prairie408th Girls
263Prodigy 14U408th Girls
263Texas Threat 2026408th Girls
275C2G Hoops3510th Boys
275Dallas Flex3510th Boys
275F-5 Elite3510th Boys
275G1D13510th Boys
275Max Levels 16's National3510th Boys
275Mindset3510th Boys
275Oklahoma RSE Basketball 2024 White3510th Boys
275Texas Wildcats 10th Grade Elite-1A3510th Boys
275BK Elite3511/12th Boys
275Courtside United3511/12th Boys
275Dallas Hoyas3511/12th Boys
275DFW Powerhouse Prep Academy3511/12th Boys
275F.I.R.M.3511/12th Boys
275HighIQ_SavageSelectbasketball3511/12th Boys
275Triumph 17u3511/12th Boys
275HUB 2031353rd Boys
275Max Levels Elite 2030 Blue354th Boys
275SBC Razorbacks Elite 2030354th Boys
2752029 AAU AYG Lakers355th Boys
275LOJO 2029355th Boys
275Pirate Elite355th Boys
275Tyler Prospects355th Boys
275Urban Heroes 2029355th Boys
275Dallas Showtyme 12U Black356th Boys
275Spartans 2028356th Boys
275Team Pride 2028356th Boys
275Un1ty 2028 Red356th Boys
275AGA357th Boys
275CSA 2027 Turner357th Boys
275Genesis357th Boys
275NTX Platinum - Richardson357th Boys
275Texas Impact Select357th Boys
275TX Elite 2nd to None357th Boys
275UN1TY 2027357th Boys
275Urban DFW Elite357th Boys
275Valor 2027 - Black357th Boys
275DC Kings 2025 Gold358th Boys
275DFW All-Stars 2026358th Boys
275Dibia Elite Red358th Boys
275Dream Chasers358th Boys
275Magnolia Renegades358th Boys
275Mansfield Cavaliers358th Boys
275NTX Raptors358th Boys
275RTB Kingz 2026358th Boys
275SWA NATION358th Boys
275Texas Prime358th Boys
275The BASICS Elite Boys358th Boys
275212 Blue - 2025359th Boys
275BDBA Black359th Boys
275B-TRU Ballers359th Boys
275GPS West Texas 2025359th Boys
275Hoop Society 2025359th Boys
275Texas Dynamics359th Boys
275Texas Savage359th Boys
275903 Elite3510th Girls
275DC Queens 2025 Orange3510th Girls
275JAB3510th Girls
275Texas Elite Ft.Worth (Grey)3510th Girls
275JC Thunder3511/12th Girls
275Mexia Centex Hoopers3511/12th Girls
275Mid-Cities Smoke3511/12th Girls
275East Texas Premier353rd Girls
275Hoop Society354th Girls
275Mexia Centex Hoopers354th Girls
275True Texas Hoops 2030 National354th Girls
275Ellis County Storm355th Girls
275Team United Texas 2029355th Girls
275212 - 2028356th Girls
275LE 2029356th Girls
275Team Lex Tarheels Allen356th Girls
275DC Queens 2028 Grey357th Girls
275ETX Savage Storm357th Girls
275Lady Lions Elite357th Girls
275Mexia Centex Hoopers358th Girls
275Next Level 360358th Girls
275Prodigy 13U/14U358th Girls
275Shooters United 26/27358th Girls
275Texas Flight 2027 - Gray358th Girls
275TX Blue Devils358th Girls
275Stephenville Elite359th Girls
355MOGP Basketball3010th Boys
355Rose City Warriors-Kobe3010th Boys
355Royalty Hoops3010th Boys
355Be Elite3011/12th Boys
355Bulldogs3011/12th Boys
355Flight Squad 17U3011/12th Boys
355Texas Threat 20233011/12th Boys
355TFC Premier3011/12th Boys
355Texas Threat 2030304th Boys
355Texas Threat 2029 Green305th Boys
355Texas Threat 2029 White305th Boys
355Dallas Showtyme 12U Elite306th Boys
355BigTyme Sports Orange307th Boys
355CSA 2027307th Boys
355JAB307th Boys
355Proskills John 2027307th Boys
355Valor 2027307th Boys
355BigTyme Sports Silver308th Boys
355Dallas Mustangs 2027308th Boys
355DC Kings 2026 Silver308th Boys
355Griffins 2025309th Boys
355Kingdom Performance309th Boys
355OWE 2025309th Boys
355Team United Texas 2025309th Boys
355Shooters United 16U3010th Girls
355Nemesis3011/12th Girls
355DFW Hawks White306th Girls
355DFW Hawks Blue307th Girls
355East Texas Premier309th Girls
384212 - 2024/20252510th Boys
384Ballers Nation HS Black2510th Boys
384DC Kings-MM 20242510th Boys
384Oklahoma RSE Basketball 2024 Black2510th Boys
384Texas Elite 20242510th Boys
384AGA2511/12th Boys
384Decatur Assault2511/12th Boys
384Energy Basketball OKC2511/12th Boys
384G1 Athletes2511/12th Boys
384Midland Gators2511/12th Boys
384TTB2511/12th Boys
384United Ballers Red2511/12th Boys
384Texas Heat253rd Boys
384AGA254th Boys
384NTX Hoopsters254th Boys
384East Texas Heat255th Boys
384Houston Raptors 11U255th Boys
384Texas LoneStar Red255th Boys
384Keller Texans Purple256th Boys
384RBA Academy 2028256th Boys
384Texas Dynasty256th Boys
384Texas Dynasty Sword256th Boys
384Triumph Black256th Boys
384Tyler Prospects256th Boys
384MBS 13U257th Boys
384Team Hustle257th Boys
384B-TRU Ballers258th Boys
384CSA 2026 AJ258th Boys
384East Texas Prospects258th Boys
384Good Play Academy258th Boys
384Texas Tar Heels 2026258th Boys
384Dallas Showtyme 14U Future259th Boys
384Flight Squad 2025259th Boys
384Fort Worth Ballaz259th Boys
384FW Jayhawks - Griggs259th Boys
384JAB259th Boys
384North Texas Legacy259th Boys
384Prep Starz 2026259th Boys
384SBC Razorbacks Elite259th Boys
384TTB259th Boys
384212 - 2024/20252510th Girls
384Platinum BIQ HS2511/12th Girls
384Team USA2511/12th Girls
384Firenice 2030254th Girls
384DC Queens 2029 - Royse City255th Girls
384ETX Savage Storm255th Girls
384Lady BOSA256th Girls
384Shooters United 2028256th Girls
384Texas Team Work 2028256th Girls
384212 - 2027257th Girls
384Hurricanes Dallas257th Girls
38455buckets258th Girls
384Ellis County Storm258th Girls
384HG Elite 27/26258th Girls
384Team Lex Future258th Girls
384FTW Lady Crush259th Girls
384S G B C 2025259th Girls
444C2G Red2010th Boys
444EAD Kingdom2010th Boys
444East Texas Premier2010th Boys
444Hurricanes Dallas2010th Boys
444MMB Elite 20242010th Boys
444North Texas Legacy 20252010th Boys
444Texas Threat 20242010th Boys
444TX Dynasty Black 16U2010th Boys
444TX Dynasty White 16U2010th Boys
444Victory Academy 2024 Blue2010th Boys
4442Elite2011/12th Boys
444AGA KP2011/12th Boys
444C4 Attack2011/12th Boys
444Cavs Hoops2011/12th Boys
444North Texas Legacy 20242011/12th Boys
444NTX Fire2011/12th Boys
444Texas Wolves 17u2011/12th Boys
444Henrietta Bearcats203rd Boys
444NTX Tar Heels Elite203rd Boys
444Texas Dynasty 2031203rd Boys
444Texas Wildcats 3rd Grade203rd Boys
444LOJO 2030204th Boys
444Texas Dynamics204th Boys
444Urban Heroes 2030204th Boys
444BigTyme Sports Grey205th Boys
444C4 Attack205th Boys
444UA EAD Southlake205th Boys
444Destined for Greatness206th Boys
444JL3206th Boys
444Kingdom Performance206th Boys
444Next Level 360206th Boys
444North Texas Heat206th Boys
444Southern Assault 2028206th Boys
444Un1ty 2028 Blue206th Boys
444DFW Mavs207th Boys
444Flash! Elite 2027207th Boys
444Glen Rose Tigers 7th207th Boys
444KellerTexans207th Boys
444Proskills-2027 Red Joren207th Boys
444Ballers Nation 14U208th Boys
444Blade208th Boys
444CyFair Elite208th Boys
444Dallas Longhorns elite208th Boys
444Fort Worth Flight208th Boys
444Game Ready208th Boys
444Glen Rose Tigers 8th208th Boys
444Keller Ballerz208th Boys
444Midland Elite 14U208th Boys
444MMB Elite 2026208th Boys
444MMB Elite 2026 Silver208th Boys
444NTX Reign208th Boys
444Rhythm Elite 2026208th Boys
444Team Devoted (Deffebaugh)208th Boys
444Texas Threat 2026208th Boys
444TFC Premier208th Boys
444Arkansas Underdogs209th Boys
444North Texas Storm Elite 2025209th Boys
444RBA Academy 2025209th Boys
444RBA Academy 2025 Red209th Boys
444Valor 2025 - Silver209th Boys
444East Texas Premier2011/12th Girls
444Fort Worth Lady Hornets - JV2011/12th Girls
444Top Achievers Sparks2011/12th Girls
444UA Lady EAD-North 17U2011/12th Girls
444Muenster Stingers203rd Girls
444True Texas Hoops 2031203rd Girls
444DC Queens Platinum 2030204th Girls
444Lady Eagles204th Girls
444LHS 2030 Black204th Girls
444Texas Team Work 2030204th Girls
444DCQueens (South)205th Girls
444F2B205th Girls
444LE 2029205th Girls
444C4 Attack206th Girls
444DC Queens 2028 Grey206th Girls
444North Texas Heat206th Girls
444CyFair Elite DFW 2027 (TRobb)207th Girls
444Decatur Attack207th Girls
444DT Platinum 2027207th Girls
444LE Lobos Elite 2027207th Girls
444LYSA207th Girls
444Prodigy 13U207th Girls
444TEO - Hogg207th Girls
444AGA208th Girls
444Clutch Sports Academy 2026208th Girls
444True Texas Hoops 2026 Blue208th Girls
444AGA209th Girls
444Dream Elite209th Girls
444Lady Stangs-GRAY209th Girls
444Team Lex Choice209th Girls
538903 Vipers1010th Boys
538BBSS 16U1010th Boys
538Courtside United1010th Boys
538Courtside United Reed1010th Boys
538Decatur Eagles1010th Boys
538FW Jayhawks - Hester1010th Boys
538Max Levels Elite 16's Blue1010th Boys
538Max Levels Elite 16's White1010th Boys
538Mindset - Tracy1010th Boys
538ProSkills SA HS White1010th Boys
538Roadrunners1010th Boys
538Sharks Elite Basketball 16s1010th Boys
538Team Drew1010th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 10th Grade E-2B1010th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 9th/10th Grade1010th Boys
538TTB1010th Boys
538AGA Crump1011/12th Boys
538Ballers Nation Black1011/12th Boys
538Dallas Showtyme White Elite1011/12th Boys
538Denison Drisel Drops1011/12th Boys
538DFW Heat1011/12th Boys
538DFW Magic 20231011/12th Boys
538Game Ready1011/12th Boys
538Louisiana Crawfish Elite1011/12th Boys
538Mid-Cities Smoke1011/12th Boys
538Midland Drillers Varsity1011/12th Boys
538Mighty Kings 17u1011/12th Boys
538Mighty Kings 18u1011/12th Boys
538Roadrunners1011/12th Boys
538Rose City Warriors-Tucker1011/12th Boys
538Royalty Hoops1011/12th Boys
538Sharks Elite Basketball 17s1011/12th Boys
538Sharks Elite Basketball 18s1011/12th Boys
538Skew Prep1011/12th Boys
538STE Black 2025/20241011/12th Boys
538Tarrant Elite 17u1011/12th Boys
538TEXAS COMP1011/12th Boys
538Texas Finest1011/12th Boys
538Texas Wildcats Junior Varsity Elite1011/12th Boys
538Waco Warriors 23-241011/12th Boys
538Next Level 360103rd Boys
538Bobcats104th Boys
538Mexia Centex Hoopers104th Boys
538NTX Tarheels Elite104th Boys
538Texas LoneStar104th Boys
538212 - 2029/2030105th Boys
538Bulls Elite105th Boys
538East Texas Premier105th Boys
538Houston Raptors 11U Coleman105th Boys
538K5 Elite105th Boys
538Max Levels Elite 2029 Blue105th Boys
538Next Level 360105th Boys
538NTX Tar Heels Elite105th Boys
538Proskills 11u - Wilson105th Boys
538Southern Metroplex Unified (SMU)105th Boys
538Texas Dynasty105th Boys
538Triumph105th Boys
538Young Mambas105th Boys
538212 - 2028106th Boys
538Abilene Reapers106th Boys
538AGA106th Boys
538Courtside United106th Boys
538Ellis County Storm106th Boys
538FTW Crush106th Boys
538HG Elite 2028106th Boys
538Mexia Centex Hoopers106th Boys
538Mid-cities Lakers106th Boys
538Odessa Legacy106th Boys
538OWE 2028 Black106th Boys
538ProSkills SA 12 Red106th Boys
538Shreveport Gators106th Boys
538Texas Scorpions106th Boys
538TFC Premier106th Boys
538The Village106th Boys
538Triumph106th Boys
538Triumph Gold106th Boys
538TTB106th Boys
538Valor 2028 - Gray106th Boys
538Valor 2028 Purple106th Boys
538B100 Ballers107th Boys
538Ballers Elite 2027107th Boys
538CSA 2027 Houston107th Boys
538Dallas Flex107th Boys
538Dallas Hoyas107th Boys
538Dibia Elite White107th Boys
538East Texas Prospects107th Boys
538FW Jayhawks - Atkins107th Boys
538FW Jayhawks - King107th Boys
538Good Play Academy107th Boys
538GRIT Basketball107th Boys
538HG Elite 2027107th Boys
538Max Levels Elite 2027 Blue107th Boys
538NTX Tar Heels Elite107th Boys
538Showtime107th Boys
538Shreveport Gators107th Boys
538Spartans 2027107th Boys
538STE Orange 2029/2028107th Boys
538Stephenville Elite107th Boys
538Texas Dynasty Cross107th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 7th Grade107th Boys
538UnderDogAthletics 13U107th Boys
538Valor '27 Gray Jackson107th Boys
538212 - 2026108th Boys
538AAJUICE108th Boys
538AGA 2026108th Boys
538Ball Is Life108th Boys
538Courtside United108th Boys
538Drive Nation 2027 Hudson108th Boys
538ERA White108th Boys
538Firm 2026108th Boys
538FW Jayhawks - McFadden108th Boys
538GT Elite108th Boys
538JAB Blue108th Boys
538Kingdom Performance108th Boys
538Kingston redskins108th Boys
538Max Levels Elite 2026 Blue108th Boys
538Midland Drillers 8th108th Boys
538MMB Elite 2026 Blue108th Boys
538New Braunfels Ballers108th Boys
538NFW-C108th Boys
538North Texas Heat108th Boys
538NTB108th Boys
538NTX Hoopsters108th Boys
538Proskills 14u - Dillard108th Boys
538Royalty Hoops108th Boys
538Sharks Elite Basketball 14s108th Boys
538Tarrant Elite Black 14u108th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 8th Grade Elite-1A108th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 8th Grade Elite-2B108th Boys
538Valor 2026 Grey108th Boys
538903 Elite109th Boys
538AGA EJ109th Boys
538DC Kings 2025 Berkner109th Boys
538DC Kings 2025 Gold109th Boys
538Dream Elite109th Boys
538Dream Elite Black109th Boys
538EAB25 Black109th Boys
538EAD NORTH109th Boys
538ESF109th Boys
538Future Spartans109th Boys
538G-Men Elite109th Boys
538HG Elite 2025 Deck109th Boys
538HG Elite 2025 Perry109th Boys
538Kingdom Performance Elite109th Boys
538Max Levels 15's White109th Boys
538Next Level 360109th Boys
538NTX Raptors109th Boys
538Proskills Markus109th Boys
538RIB Elite109th Boys
538Richardson Eagles109th Boys
538Rose City Warriors - Tucker109th Boys
538Southwest Hornets Elite 2025109th Boys
538Spartans 2025109th Boys
538STE Blue 2027/2026109th Boys
538Tarrant Elite 15u - Danny109th Boys
538TEO Hogg Gold109th Boys
538Texas Prime109th Boys
538Texas Threat 2025109th Boys
538Texas Wildcats 9th Grade109th Boys
538Triumph 15u109th Boys
538TX Elite 2nd to None109th Boys
538TX Elite 2nd to None Silver109th Boys
538Underdogs109th Boys
538Union 2025 Gray109th Boys
538Valor 2025 - White109th Boys
538Waco Warriors 2025109th Boys
538Courtside United1010th Girls
538Fort Worth Lady Hornets JV1010th Girls
538Fourkiller Elite1010th Girls
538HG Elite Lex1010th Girls
538JC Thunder1010th Girls
538Lady Panthers1010th Girls
538DFW Lady Magic1011/12th Girls
538Fourkiller Elite1011/12th Girls
538Mexia Centex Hoopers105th Girls
538OWE 2029105th Girls
538REBELS105th Girls
538CyFair Elite DFW 2028106th Girls
538DC Queens 2029 - Royse City106th Girls
538DFW Hawks - Diaz106th Girls
538ETX Savage Storm106th Girls
538FTW Lady Crush106th Girls
538Lorena Lady Leopards106th Girls
538Loyalty Hustle & Strength106th Girls
538Shooters United 28/29106th Girls
538Triple Threat 6th106th Girls
538DFW Hawks - Diaz107th Girls
538East Texas Premier 2027107th Girls
538Ellis County Storm107th Girls
538F2B107th Girls
538Texas Ladycats Girls (Wildcats)107th Girls
538Texas Top Prospects107th Girls
538UnderDogAthletics 13U Girls107th Girls
538West Texas Kaos107th Girls
538212 - 2026108th Girls
538ACE 2026108th Girls
538Dallas Roadrunners108th Girls
538JC Thunder108th Girls
538Kingdom Performance108th Girls
538Lady Stangs-MAROON108th Girls
538Lady UA EAD 2026108th Girls
538Proskills Chad 2026108th Girls
538SSW Elite 2026108th Girls
538DBA109th Girls
538Girls Ball Hard Too109th Girls
538JAB109th Girls
EAD-NORTH10th Boys
Honey Badgers10th Boys
Islamic School of Irving JV Boys10th Boys
Spartans 202410th Boys
Team United Texas 202410th Boys
Texas Titans 2024-202510th Boys
Intimidators11/12th Boys
Irving Heat11/12th Boys
Islamic School of Irving Varsity Boys11/12th Boys
Texas Titans11/12th Boys
LJ Leopards3rd Boys
Team Stay Ready 20313rd Boys
Texas Dynasty3rd Boys
All or Nothing Elite4th Boys
AYG Lakers 2030 Select4th Boys
BDB Champions4th Boys
Be Elite4th Boys
Broskies4th Boys
Dallas Elite 20304th Boys
Dallas Showtyme Premier - Davis4th Boys
Honey Badgers4th Boys
HUB 2031/20304th Boys
Team ESBY 20304th Boys
Team Stay Ready 20304th Boys
Texas Stars4th Boys
Texas Tar Heels 20304th Boys
Triumph Wilson4th Boys
Urban Heroes 2030 Yellow4th Boys
AYG Lakers 2029 Select5th Boys
BDB Champions5th Boys
Blade5th Boys
CSA 20295th Boys
DFW Stars/Icons 20295th Boys
Jets Elite (2029)5th Boys
Max Levels Elite 2029 White5th Boys
MC Elite 20295th Boys
North Texas Legacy 20295th Boys
Outlaws5th Boys
RZB Elite5th Boys
Southeast Dallas Wolverines5th Boys
Stealth Bombers5th Boys
Team ESBY 20305th Boys
Team Phenoms5th Boys
Team United Texas 20295th Boys
Texas Dynamics5th Boys
Texas Dynasty Cross5th Boys
Texas Heat5th Boys
Triumph Wilson5th Boys
Unity 2029 Black5th Boys
All or Nothing Elite6th Boys
Anna Coyotes6th Boys
BDB Champions6th Boys
Clutch Sports Academy 20286th Boys
Dallas Elite 20286th Boys
Dallas Elite White6th Boys
Firenice Basketball Academy6th Boys
Goldthwaite Eagles6th Boys
MC Elite 20286th Boys
North Texas Legacy 20286th Boys
Sherman Bearcats 20286th Boys
Storm Surge6th Boys
Team Stay Ready 20286th Boys
Texas Dynasty Cross6th Boys
Texas Heat6th Boys
Texas Impact Select6th Boys
Texas Tar Heels 20286th Boys
TX Elite 2nd to None6th Boys
Aledo Bearcats7th Boys
Argyle Eagles7th Boys
AYG Lakers 2027 Select7th Boys
Be Elite7th Boys
Blade7th Boys
Dallas Blue 20277th Boys
GME 20277th Boys
Hard Hoops7th Boys
Honey Badgers7th Boys
Lightning Elite 20277th Boys
Platinum 2027 - Richardson7th Boys
Proskills Emmanuel7th Boys
RWG STEM7th Boys
Spartans Black7th Boys
TBB 20277th Boys
Team Buddy Buckets 20277th Boys
Team Devoted 20277th Boys
Texas Dynasty Sword7th Boys
Triumph Black7th Boys
Triumph Gold7th Boys
BDB Champions8th Boys
DC Kings Waco 20268th Boys
GME 20268th Boys
Hard Hoops8th Boys
HIT Basketball8th Boys
Irving Heat8th Boys
Lightning Elite8th Boys
Max Levels Elite 2026 White8th Boys
North Texas Legacy 20268th Boys
Proskills Chad8th Boys
RZB Elite 20268th Boys
Southern Assault 20268th Boys
Spartans 20268th Boys
Strike The Mark8th Boys
TBB 20268th Boys
Team Buddy Buckets 20268th Boys
Team Devoted (Brown)8th Boys
Team Express8th Boys
Team Stay Ready 20268th Boys
Texas Dynasty 20268th Boys
Texas Dynasty Cross8th Boys
Triple Threat8th Boys
Triumph Black8th Boys
Triumph Gold8th Boys
Valor 20268th Boys
BDB Champions9th Boys
Matadors9th Boys
Team Drew9th Boys
Triple Threat9th Boys
Lady Unity 20313rd Girls
LOJO 20313rd Girls
Team Stay Ready 20313rd Girls
CT Ballers4th Girls
HG Select 20304th Girls
212 - 2029/20305th Girls
CT Ballers5th Girls
East Texas Intensity5th Girls
Hurricanes Dallas5th Girls
Mambacitas5th Girls
Pink Panthers5th Girls
Team Stay Ready 20295th Girls
East Texas Intensity6th Girls
HG Select 20286th Girls
Hurricanes Dallas6th Girls
Kingston Lady Redskins6th Girls
Lady Drive Nation 2028 Goodspeed6th Girls
NTX Reign6th Girls
Team Stay Ready 20286th Girls
True Texas Hoops 2028 National6th Girls
Diamonds Elite7th Girls
Firenice Basketball Academy7th Girls
Kingston Lady Redskins7th Girls
Reckless Ballers7th Girls
Team Lex Tarheels Allen7th Girls
Team Lex Tarheels Gatewood7th Girls
Texas Legends 20277th Girls
A1 Sauce8th Girls
Hurricanes Dallas8th Girls
Hurricanes Dallas Orange8th Girls
Lady Drive Nation 2026 Topping8th Girls
Platinum BIQ8th Girls
Proskills - Peterson8th Girls
Proskills - Williams8th Girls
1DYG Flyers 202422010th Boys
2DYG Lady Flyers2005th Girls
3Woodlands Xclusive1905th Boys
4Triple Threat Black1807th Boys
5Cypress Triple Thr3at 17U - Purple17511/12th Girls
6TX Taskforce Inferno 17U17011/12th Boys
6Principles First Select - White17010th Girls
8Ground Zero1659th Boys
9TAG 20281506th Boys
9Team Temple 20261508th Boys
9Houston Prospects 20251509th Boys
13Steam Ahead Basketball 2026 - Select1358th Boys
13365 Elite Blue13510th Girls
15Texas Outlaws 2028 - Blue1306th Boys
15Katy Charge1308th Boys
17Texas Outlaws 2029 - Blue1205th Boys
17Dash Elite-Lawson1208th Boys
19The BALLER Academy1108th Boys
20Steam Ahead Basketball 2027 - Select1057th Boys
20Tomball Nuggets Black 20271057th Boys
22365 Elite White10010th Boys
22MO CITY BALLERS 2024 - Red10010th Boys
22One1Time Legends 202410010th Boys
22All Family No Friends AFNF10011/12th Boys
22TFW Bengals10011/12th Boys
22Katy Warriors1004th Boys
22Principles First Select1005th Boys
22North Houston Hustle 20281006th Boys
22SAOT Spurs Elite1006th Boys
22LC Sharks 2027 - Elite1007th Boys
22Stang Select Hoops 20271007th Boys
22Steam Ahead Basketball 2027 - Elite1007th Boys
22Texas Outlaws 2027 - Blue1007th Boys
22Houston Wolves1008th Boys
22Just Play 20261008th Boys
22Team DJW Houston Elite1008th Boys
22Island Impact 20251009th Boys
22KATY RAPTORS1009th Boys
22Krocs Elite1009th Boys
22MO CITY BALLERS 2025 - Red1009th Boys
22Warriors 20251009th Boys
22Lady Ravens10010th Girls
22Principles First Select - Red10011/12th Girls
22Hoop Dreams 20301003rd Girls
22Just Play 20301004th Girls
22Texas Clutch1005th Girls
22Hustle & Heart 20281006th Girls
22League City Sharks 20281006th Girls
22Hoop Society1007th Girls
22365 Elite Blue1008th Girls
22League City Sharks 20261008th Girls
53Team Runovo Gray958th Girls
54We Are One Select906th Boys
54Aggieland Sports Alliance 2024909th Girls
56CyFair Elite HTX 2030-Chapman854th Boys
56SETX Elite Blue8511/12th Girls
58Richmond Raptors Purple808th Boys
58Westside Warriors - Blue809th Boys
60Grimes County Elite7510th Boys
60Next Level Elite7511/12th Boys
60Steam Ahead Basketball 2028756th Boys
60Kingsmen759th Boys
64409Wildcats 20257010th Boys
64Houston Raiders7010th Boys
64South East Ballaz7010th Boys
64C3 Basketball7011/12th Boys
64C3 Basketball - Belter7011/12th Boys
64MO CITY BALLERS Black7011/12th Boys
64Pasadena Lockdown 20237011/12th Boys
64MO CITY BALLERS 2030 - Black704th Boys
64North Houston Hustle 2030704th Boys
64Clutch City Stars705th Boys
64TX Taskforce Inferno 2029705th Boys
64Stang Select Hoops 2028 - Silver706th Boys
6411Six Light Bearers 2027707th Boys
641350 Hoops707th Boys
64Tomball Nuggets 2027 Red707th Boys
64Principles First Select708th Boys
64Proskills SA 14 Black708th Boys
64Clutch City Kings 2025709th Boys
64Just Play 2025709th Boys
64Houston Skyrise 16u7010th Girls
64Principles First Select - Grey7010th Girls
64Principles First Select7011/12th Girls
64Principles First Select - Black7011/12th Girls
64Texas Clutch 2030704th Girls
64THS 2030704th Girls
64HLRR 2029705th Girls
64Nemesis Crushers705th Girls
64Lady Storm Breakers Red706th Girls
64Lake City Mambas 2028706th Girls
64TNBA706th Girls
64Cypress Triple Thr3at 13U - Green707th Girls
64HLRR 2027707th Girls
64League City Sharks 2027707th Girls
64Houston United 2026708th Girls
64Just Play 2026 - Katy708th Girls
64Triple Threat709th Girls
100TX Taskforce Inferno 20246510th Boys
100Like Mike Huskies 2028656th Boys
100One1Time Legends 2027- Blue657th Boys
100TX Taskforce Inferno 2026658th Boys
100Proskills Houston658th Girls
1051350 Hoops6010th Boys
105PSB - Adam606th Boys
105RL9 - 2028 Black606th Boys
105PSB - Frank608th Boys
105United Athletics6011/12th Girls
105Eyecan Takeover 2030604th Girls
105CyFair Elite 2028 -Tyra606th Girls
105936 Elite 2027607th Girls
105Lady Dynasty607th Girls
105Triple Threat607th Girls
105Lady Hustle 2026 - Regional608th Girls
116Principles First Select - Black5510th Boys
116Team Runovo Blue5510th Boys
116FAM Elite 14U558th Boys
116Richmond Raptors Red558th Boys
116Team Runovo Gray558th Boys
116Next Generation559th Boys
116Team Runovo Blue559th Boys
116Cypress Triple Thr3at 16U - Royal Blue5510th Girls
116Triple Threat (Black)555th Girls
116Houston United 2027557th Girls
116CyFair Elite HTX -2026 -Tyra558th Girls
127Aggieland Sports Alliance5010th Boys
127Hardwork Basketball 20245010th Boys
127L.A.B. Elite 16U5010th Boys
127Lock Down Elite5010th Boys
127TNT (2024)5010th Boys
127Aggieland Sports Alliance5011/12th Boys
127Cypress Shock5011/12th Boys
127Memorial 17U5011/12th Boys
127OC Warriors5011/12th Boys
127Principles First Select5011/12th Boys
127Texas Might - 17U5011/12th Boys
127Texas Snipers5011/12th Boys
127KDC International 10U - Elite504th Boys
127RL9 10U Black504th Boys
127East Texas Heat505th Boys
127L.A.B. Elite 11U505th Boys
127Texas Outlaws 2029 - Orange505th Boys
127365 Elite 2028 - Red506th Boys
127LC Sharks 2028 - Select506th Boys
127MO CITY BALLERS 2028 - Black506th Boys
127Principles First Select - Red506th Boys
127BLZ 2027507th Boys
127Fort Bend Texas Heat 2027 - Red507th Boys
127GSA Allstars 2028507th Boys
127Just Play 2027507th Boys
127Next Level 360507th Boys
127RL9 13U Black507th Boys
127Shockers 2028507th Boys
127SWW507th Boys
127936 Elite508th Boys
127H-Town Gliders508th Boys
127LC Sharks 2026 - Elite508th Boys
127Next Level 360 Jerel508th Boys
127Texas Outlaws 2026508th Boys
127UN1TY 2026508th Boys
127Airballers Elite509th Boys
127Awty FAM Elite509th Boys
127BTB509th Boys
127CyFair Elite HTX 2025- Jay509th Boys
127Houston Jumpers 2025509th Boys
127Just Play Elite 2025 - White509th Boys
127Steam Ahead Basketball 2025 - Elite509th Boys
127Tarkington Impact509th Boys
1272024 Gulf Coast Legacy- (Kelli)5010th Girls
127Aggieland Sports Alliance5010th Girls
127Cajun Express 245010th Girls
127Principles First Select5010th Girls
127SETX Elite White5010th Girls
127Houston Proskills 17U5011/12th Girls
127Principles First Select - Grey5011/12th Girls
127Team Intensity5011/12th Girls
127Upside Athletics5011/12th Girls
127Lake City Mambas 2030504th Girls
127TNBA 2030504th Girls
127Katy Flash506th Girls
127LACI StormBreakers Red506th Girls
127Houston Lady RoadRunners 2027507th Girls
127North Houston Hustle507th Girls
127365 Elite White508th Girls
127LAB508th Girls
127SETX Elite White509th Girls
188North Houston Hustle 2024 - Regional4510th Boys
18811Six Light Bearers4511/12th Boys
1881350 Hoops4511/12th Boys
188Lock Down Elite4511/12th Boys
188Orange County Storm459th Boys
188Lady Hustle 2024 - National4510th Girls
188KTX4511/12th Girls
188365 Elite Blue459th Girls
196Dash Elite-TJ4010th Boys
196ProSkills SA 14 Red408th Boys
196Steam Ahead Basketball 2025 - Select409th Boys
196Texas Might - 15U409th Boys
196Dash Elite-Niko4010th Girls
196CyFair Elite HTX 2030 Talisha404th Girls
196Hoop Dreams 2030405th Girls
196League City Sharks 2029405th Girls
196365 Elite Red409th Girls
196Houston Dream Elite409th Girls
196Monee Makers Girls409th Girls
196Next Level Elite 2025409th Girls
196R.E.A.L Academy Elite409th Girls
209BTL KINGZ3510th Boys
209Defenders 16 UAA3510th Boys
209Katy Raptors 16U3510th Boys
209Calvin Murphy's Planet Hoops354th Boys
209FAM Elite 11U355th Boys
209Franchise Hoopdreams 2029355th Boys
209Katy Raptors355th Boys
209SA Legends 2029355th Boys
209Steam Ahead Basketball 2029355th Boys
209United Athletics355th Boys
209BLZ 2028356th Boys
209Hardwork Basketball Academy356th Boys
209Houston Jumpers 2028356th Boys
209Rebels Basketball Academy 2028356th Boys
209RL9 6Black356th Boys
209Defenders 2028 - Black357th Boys
209Fort Bend Texas Heat 2027 - Black357th Boys
209North Houston Hustle 2027 - Regional357th Boys
209365 Elite 2026 - Red358th Boys
209Houston Inferno 2026358th Boys
209Next Generation Omegas358th Boys
209Next Level Elite 2026358th Boys
209Tarheels 2026 - Blue358th Boys
209Texas Savage 2026358th Boys
209Texas Stars358th Boys
209TMA358th Boys
209TX JAZZELITE358th Boys
209CyFair Elite HTX 2025359th Boys
209Cypress Knights359th Boys
209Next Generation Alphas359th Boys
209Runway Jets 2025359th Boys
209Team Runovo Blue3510th Girls
209Lady Hustle 2028 - Local356th Girls
209SWW356th Girls
209WhataballHers356th Girls
209365 Elite Red358th Girls
209CyFair Elite HTX - 2026 -Chapman358th Girls
209CyFair Elite HTX - Girls 2026 - Steve358th Girls
209Triple Threat358th Girls
209CyFair Elite HTX - Girls 2025 - Bree359th Girls
249Principles First Select - White3010th Boys
249Warriors3011/12th Boys
249PSB - Dedrick305th Boys
249Invictus Red Storm 2028306th Boys
249Like Mike Huskies 2027307th Boys
249Team Temple 2027307th Boys
249Houston Rimshakers308th Boys
249PSB - Eddie308th Boys
249THE INDOMINUS 2025309th Boys
249CyFair Elite HTX -2029 Ozzie305th Girls
249Triple Threat (Carolina)305th Girls
260AWTY FAM Elite2510th Boys
260BucketSquad2510th Boys
260GCS Level Up Elite2510th Boys
260Texas Snipers 16u2510th Boys
260Beaumont Rockets254th Boys
260Texas Outlaws 2030254th Boys
260Houston Jumpers 2029255th Boys
260Katy Raptors - Kingsley255th Boys
260Next Level Elite255th Boys
260Young Mambas255th Boys
260365 Elite Blue256th Boys
260Grizzlies256th Boys
260L.A.B. Elite 12U256th Boys
260Next Level Elite256th Boys
260CyFair Elite 2027257th Boys
260Houston Heat257th Boys
260HVA 2027257th Boys
260L.A.B. Elite 13U257th Boys
260BLZ 2026258th Boys
260Empire Basketball258th Boys
260Houston Hype258th Boys
260LSZ U14258th Boys
260North Houston Hustle 2026 - Regional258th Boys
260BLZ 2025259th Boys
260Hardwork Basketball 2025259th Boys
260HVA 2026259th Boys
260SIR259th Boys
260Tarheels 2025259th Boys
260Texas Snipers 15u259th Boys
260Cypress Triple Thr3at 16U - Columbia Blue2510th Girls
260365 Elite 17U - Red2511/12th Girls
260Houston Lady RoadRunners 29/30255th Girls
260Lady Stangs Black256th Girls
260MW Sports- Mike257th Girls
260L.A.B. Elite 14U258th Girls
260Nemesis Crushers 2025259th Girls
296MO CITY BALLERS 2024 - Black2010th Boys
296PRD2010th Boys
296Principles First Select2010th Boys
296Purple power2010th Boys
296365 Elite Red2011/12th Boys
296C3 Basketball - Red2011/12th Boys
296Clutch City Kings 20222011/12th Boys
296Houston Knights 17U - Phillips2011/12th Boys
296MO CITY BALLERS White2011/12th Boys
296Proskills SA HS Elite2011/12th Boys
296SAOT Trouble 2 and 02011/12th Boys
296Texas Outlaws 2031203rd Boys
296L.A.B Elite 2030204th Boys
296Katy Eclipse 2028206th Boys
296Principles First Select - Black206th Boys
296ProSkills SA 12 White206th Boys
296Stang Select Hoops 2028 - Blue206th Boys
296Team Runovo Gray206th Boys
296THE INDOMINUS 2028 - Yellow206th Boys
296Houston Prospects207th Boys
296Just Play Select 2027 - Blue207th Boys
296MO CITY BALLERS 2027 - Black207th Boys
296MO CITY BALLERS 2027 - Red207th Boys
296Next Generation207th Boys
296Next Level Elite White207th Boys
296North Houston Hustle207th Boys
296Principles First Select207th Boys
296ProSkills SA 13 Red207th Boys
296ProSkills San Antonio 13u207th Boys
296South East Ballaz207th Boys
296Team Runovo Gray207th Boys
296Clutch City Kings 2026208th Boys
296Defenders 2027 White208th Boys
296Houston Riptide208th Boys
296Just Play Select 2026 - Blue208th Boys
296MO CITY BALLERS 2026 - Black208th Boys
296North Houston Hustle208th Boys
296Rod Jacques Basketball Academy208th Boys
296Tiger Den208th Boys
296Acadiana Redhawks209th Boys
296Blueprint209th Boys
296Houston Knights 15U - LaGrone209th Boys
296Principles First Select209th Boys
296ProSklills SA 15 Red209th Boys
296Urban Kings 15U209th Boys
296Klein Consolidated (Kat-One)2010th Girls
296Lady Storm Breakers Silver2010th Girls
296MO CITY BALLERS2010th Girls
296Austin Elite2011/12th Girls
296Just Play 2024 - Katy2011/12th Girls
296Lady Storm Breakers Gold2011/12th Girls
296Proskills Houston 17U2011/12th Girls
296RPBA2011/12th Girls
296Team Runovo Blue2011/12th Girls
296Team Stackz 2030204th Girls
296Lake City Mambas 2029205th Girls
296Houston Rimshakers 12U206th Girls
296Houston Rimshakers 14U208th Girls
296KDC International208th Girls
296MO CITY BALLERS208th Girls
296Tiger Den208th Girls
357BLZ 20241010th Boys
357Ghost Elite1010th Boys
357GMT ELITE1010th Boys
357Hempstead Cats1010th Boys
357JW Hoops 20241010th Boys
357Memorial 16U1010th Boys
357Next Level Elite1010th Boys
357C3 Basketball - DC1011/12th Boys
357Houston Hawks1011/12th Boys
357POWERHOUSE HOOPS1011/12th Boys
357PSB 17U1011/12th Boys
357365 Elite Red104th Boys
357BLZ 2030104th Boys
357Nemesis Crushers 2030104th Boys
357KDC International 10U - Elite105th Boys
357LSZ U12106th Boys
357RL9 6Red106th Boys
357TNT (2028)106th Boys
357Triple Threat106th Boys
357365 Elite 2027 - Red107th Boys
357Fort Bend Ballers 2027107th Boys
357JW Hoops 2028107th Boys
357Katy Raptors107th Boys
357Katy Raptors 13U107th Boys
357Next Level Elite Black107th Boys
357Next Level Elite Silver107th Boys
357Runnin' Bulls107th Boys
357Runway Jets 2027107th Boys
357Texas Savage 2027107th Boys
357Texas Snipers107th Boys
357Beast Elite 2026108th Boys
357Fort Bend Texas Heat 2026108th Boys
357Houston Jumpers 2026108th Boys
357L.A.B. Elite 14U108th Boys
357Like Mike Huskies 2026108th Boys
357RL9 14U Red108th Boys
357Tarheels 2026 - White108th Boys
357THE INDOMINUS 2027108th Boys
357Winnsboro Kingsmen108th Boys
357365 Elite 2025 - Blue109th Boys
357Franchise Hoopdreams109th Boys
357Houston Wolves 2025109th Boys
357L.A.B. Elite 15U109th Boys
357Like Mike Huskies 2025109th Boys
357LSZ Team Spark109th Boys
357LSZ Team Thunder109th Boys
357Memorial 15U109th Boys
357ProSkills SA109th Boys
357PSB - Jordan109th Boys
357Rebels Basketball Academy 2025109th Boys
357Texas Savage 2025 - Davis109th Boys
357Texas Savage 2025 - Sanders109th Boys
357TMA 2025109th Boys
357Drive Nation Central Texas1010th Girls
357GSA Blue Diamonds1010th Girls
357Houston United1010th Girls
357MW Sports- Hill1010th Girls
357Houston Dream Team1011/12th Girls
357Lady Hustle 17U1011/12th Girls
357Louisiana Lady Aces-Blue1011/12th Girls
357Louisiana Lady Aces-Red1011/12th Girls
357Louisiana Raptors 17U1011/12th Girls
357Principles First Select - White1011/12th Girls
357365 Elite 6th - Blue106th Girls
357GSA Amethyst106th Girls
357Hustle & Heart 2027107th Girls
357MW Sports- Annie107th Girls
357Cypress Triple Thr3at 14U - Red108th Girls
357Lady FAM Elite 14U108th Girls
357RAMPAGE108th Girls
357MW Sports- Ambra109th Girls
Airballers Elite10th Boys
HF Elite10th Boys
Houston Nets JV10th Boys
LHSA - JV10th Boys
BLZ 202211/12th Boys
HF Elite 202311/12th Boys
Hot City Hoops11/12th Boys
Houston Sauce Squad Elite (HSSE)11/12th Boys
LHSA - Varsity11/12th Boys
Northwest Elite Houston11/12th Boys
Salt and Light Sports11/12th Boys
W.A.R. Athletics11/12th Boys
Zone 611/12th Boys
CTX Lakers3rd Boys
Houston Defenders 20313rd Boys
Katy Kings3rd Boys
Texas Outlaws 2031 - Orange3rd Boys
Baskets Academy4th Boys
CSHoops Black4th Boys
CSHoops Silver4th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2030-Red4th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2030-White4th Boys
Cypress Clutch4th Boys
D5 Global4th Boys
Down South Runnerz - 20284th Boys
Gulf Coast Canes 20304th Boys
Houston Defenders 20304th Boys
Invictus Red Storm 20304th Boys
JL34th Boys
MO CITY BALLERS 2030 - Red4th Boys
Next Generation Betas4th Boys
RL9 - 20304th Boys
Team Texas Explosion4th Boys
Texas Outlaws 2030 - Blue4th Boys
Texas Prolific Basketball4th Boys
UNDERDAWGZ 20304th Boys
Baskets Academy5th Boys
BLZ - 20295th Boys
CSHoops5th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2029-Red5th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2029-White5th Boys
Down South Runnerz - 20295th Boys
Gulf Coast Canes 20295th Boys
KDC International5th Boys
Legends - 20295th Boys
Lock'D In 20295th Boys
MO CITY BALLERS 2029 - Black5th Boys
Nemesis Crushers5th Boys
RL9 - 20295th Boys
Runnin Ravens5th Boys
Stang Select Hoops 20295th Boys
SWAG Elite5th Boys
Team Texas Explosion5th Boys
UNDERDAWGZ 20295th Boys
365 Elite6th Boys
Baskets Academy6th Boys
Blueprint Basketball6th Boys
CSHoops6th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2028 - National6th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2028-Red6th Boys
DYG Flyers6th Boys
GSA Allstars 20286th Boys
HLN 20286th Boys
Houston Defenders 2028 - White6th Boys
Houston Hoops AAS 2028 - Leonard6th Boys
JL3 2028 - Blue6th Boys
JL3 2028 - White6th Boys
Lock'D In 20286th Boys
Nemesis Crushers6th Boys
RL9 - 2028 White6th Boys
Rod Jacques Basketball Academy6th Boys
Shockers 20286th Boys
Stang Select Hoops 2028 - White6th Boys
Storm Surge6th Boys
Team Texas Explosion6th Boys
Texas Outlaws 2028 - Orange6th Boys
Tomball Triple Threat6th Boys
936 Elite 20277th Boys
CSHoops7th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2027-Red7th Boys
Cypress Clutch7th Boys
Down South Runnerz - 20277th Boys
Drive Nation HTX 2027 - Kingcaid7th Boys
Houston Hoops AAS 2027 - Frankenfield7th Boys
JL3 2027 - Scott7th Boys
Katy Eclipse7th Boys
Lock'D In 20277th Boys
Nene Elite - Green7th Boys
Nene Elite 2027 - Gold7th Boys
Next Generation Omegas7th Boys
Northside Dragons7th Boys
RL9 - 20277th Boys
Rod Jacques Basketball Academy7th Boys
The Mile Academy 20277th Boys
Triple Threat (Carolina)7th Boys
1 Nation8th Boys
CSHoops Black8th Boys
CSHoops Silver8th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2026-Navy8th Boys
CyFair Elite HTX 2026-White8th Boys
Drive Nation Houston 2026 - Scales8th Boys
Elite Mentality8th Boys
GTSA8th Boys
Houston Black Ops Elite8th Boys
Houston Hoops AAS 2026 - Bob8th Boys
Houston Hoops AAS 2026 - Colbert8th Boys
Houston Problems - 20268th Boys
HVA 20268th Boys
JL3 2026 - Blue8th Boys
JL3 2026 - Jackson8th Boys
LA Blaze8th Boys
LHSA 20268th Boys
Nemesis Crushers8th Boys
New Wave 20268th Boys
Richmond Raptors 20268th Boys
RL9 - 20268th Boys
Salt and Light Sports8th Boys
SRCA218th Boys
Texas Outlaws 2026 - Blue8th Boys
The Basketball Academy8th Boys
YBA8th Boys
G4G Elite9th Boys
Nemesis Crushers9th Boys
Nemesis Crushers - Huntsville9th Boys
Hays Hornets11/12th Girls
LHSA11/12th Girls
W.A.R. Athletics11/12th Girls
Hoop Dreams4th Girls
DC Queens Waco 20295th Girls
Eyecan Takeover5th Girls
Houston United5th Girls
CSHoops6th Girls
CyFair Elite HTX 2028-Red6th Girls
CyFair Elite HTX -2028-White6th Girls
Lady Elite Black6th Girls
Lady Elite Gold6th Girls
Nemesis Crushers6th Girls
North Houston Hustle6th Girls
Rod Jacques Basketball Academy6th Girls
Triple Threat6th Girls
Fulshear Fenom7th Girls
REAL Lady Ballers 20277th Girls
365 Elite8th Girls
Amarillo Lady Blue Devils8th Girls
CSHoops8th Girls
CyFair Elite HTX 2026 - Red8th Girls
Eyecan Takeover8th Girls
IJU8th Girls
North Houston Hustle8th Girls
North Houston Lady Hustle 2026 - Gold8th Girls
North Houston Lady Hustle 2026 - Platinum8th Girls
REAL Lady Ballers 20268th Girls
San Antonio Lady Hoops Maroon8th Girls

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