QPoints Just Wanna Hoop Series

10 points

10 Points will be awarded for each tournament your team participates in.

10 points

10 Points will be awarded for each win.

10 points

10 Points for playing up in a PTS combined division

Top 3 point earners at the conclusion of the Just Wanna Hoop Series in each market will win a credit for future events.
Each Market will be awarded a Grand Champion.

1st Place in Grade Division: $600 entry fee credit for future events
2nd Place in Grade Division: $300 entry fee credit for future events
3rd Place in Grade Division: $150 entry fee credit for future events

Must be used for a tournament prior to July 18, 2021.


Highest Point Earner for the Market (Dallas / Houston) will be awarded FREE tournament play In PrimeTime Sports events through July 18, 2021.

1Louisiana Cardinals28010th Boys
2Team United Texas 2024 Yellow2209th Boys
3Texas All American Prep2109th Boys
4Impact Players 20241909th Boys
5Team United Texas 202317010th Boys
5DFW Raiders 20281705th Boys
5DC Kings 2025 Silver1708th Boys
5Impact Players 25-261708th Boys
5Southern Assault 20251708th Boys
5Victory Academy 2024 White1709th Boys
11X-Elite16011th/12th Boys
12ProSkills 2023 Green "The Red"15010th Boys
12F-5 Elite1509th Boys
143d RUN-N-GUN13010th Boys
143dHA1307th Boys
14Proskills 2025 Walters1308th Boys
14Victory Academy 20241309th Boys
14DC Queens 2025 Orange1308th Girls
193d CHHS12011th/12th Boys
19Bobcats 202212011th/12th Boys
19Drive Nation 20281205th Boys
193DHA1206th Boys
19BDB Champions 20271206th Boys
19The Rock1209th Boys
25DFW Magic 202311010th Boys
26MTAG Wolfpack10010th Boys
26BDB Champions 20251008th Boys
26Playmakers1008th Boys
26Triumph Gold 20251008th Boys
26North Texas Storm 2024 Darby1009th Boys
31Hurricanes Dallas9010th Boys
31Victory Academy 20239010th Boys
31EAD 20239010th Boys
31Oak Cliff Stars905th Boys
31BDB Champions 2026907th Boys
31Sterlington Bucks907th Boys
31Triumph Gold 2026907th Boys
31Drive Nation FW 2025908th Boys
313d Empire909th Boys
31Lady Proskills Zo906th Girls
31DC Queens 2027 Orange906th Girls
31Team Jordan908th Girls
31North Dallas SWAG 2025908th Girls
44Hard Hoops8010th Boys
44Dallas Hoyas8010th Boys
44HWY 5 Coyotes8011th/12th Boys
44Kingdom Performance8011th/12th Boys
44DC Kings Denton8011th/12th Boys
44NCA Hawks8011th/12th Boys
44Impact Players HS Elite8011th/12th Boys
44DC Kings Denton 2025808th Boys
44Hoop Society 2025808th Boys
44Triumph Gold 2024809th Boys
44NTX Lady Storm 2025808th Girls
44Austin Blues808th Girls
56Be Elite7010th Boys
56The Hoop7010th Boys
56DFW Defenders7011th/12th Boys
56Kingdom Performance707th Boys
56Outlaws707th Boys
56Dallas Wildcats 708th Boys
56North Texas Storm 2025 Darby708th Boys
56Hurricanes Dallas709th Boys
56Mudiay Elite 2024709th Boys
56Team United Texas 2024 Black709th Boys
56Blade709th Boys
56Team Liberty7010th Girls
56Triumph Gold 2028705th Girls
56HG Elite 2025708th Girls
70NTX Fire6011th/12th Boys
70EAD 20216011th/12th Boys
70Hurricanes Elite Basketball 604th Boys
70North Texas Storm 2028 Lucas605th Boys
70Texas Tar Heels 2028605th Boys
70Hoop Society 2027606th Boys
70Texas Stars606th Boys
70JAB 2027606th Boys
703dHA608th Boys
70Team Success 2025608th Boys
70Blade608th Boys
70Drive Nation Mergerson609th Boys
70Proskills 2024 National609th Boys
70XPRESS Hoops 24 Black609th Boys
70Texas Elite6010th Girls
70Hoop Society 2029604th Girls
70NTX Lady Storm 2028605th Girls
70Triumph Gold 2027606th Girls
70UA Texas U 2026607th Girls
89Ranked5010th Boys
89Team FOE 2022 5010th Boys
89Team F.O.E. Elite 17U5011th/12th Boys
89Playmakers5011th/12th Boys
89Team F.O.E. Elite 16u5011th/12th Boys
89DC Kings 5011th/12th Boys
89Be Elite 20215011th/12th Boys
89Team F.O.E. Elite 16u Black5011th/12th Boys
89Barracuda Edge5011th/12th Boys
89Plano Wolfpack5011th/12th Boys
89LPS Lions5011th/12th Boys
89MC Elite 20225011th/12th Boys
89Hurricanes Elite Basketball 505th Boys
893DHA 2028505th Boys
89Goon Squad506th Boys
89Proskills 2027506th Boys
89Champion Skills Academy 2027506th Boys
89Hot Boyz507th Boys
89Inferno507th Boys
89North Texas Legacy507th Boys
89Drive Nation FW507th Boys
89RZB Elite 2026507th Boys
89JAB 2026507th Boys
89Fort Worth Crush 2025508th Boys
89Mississippi Celtics Elite508th Boys
89RZB Elite 2025508th Boys
89Pursue Basketball508th Boys
89Panthers509th Boys
89Mississippi Celtics Elite509th Boys
89United Nations509th Boys
89Triumph Black509th Boys
89Ballers Nation507th Boys
89Inferno508th Boys
89Highland Park Scots5011/12th Boys
89Hurricane Dallas5010th Girls
89Nike Proskills Austin5010th Girls
89Platinum Tyler Robertson5011/12th Girls
89Texas LoneStar 17U Red5011/12th Girls
89Forth Worth Lady Hornets5011/12th Girls
89DC Queens Reloaded5011/12th Girls
89212 - 2028505th Girls
89Texas LoneStar 13U Gold507th Girls
89Texas Summitt National 2026507th Girls
89UA Texas U 2025508th Girls
89Texas Summitt National 2025508th Girls
89DFW Hawks 2024 King509th Girls
89DC Queens Black 2024509th Girls
89Be Elite509th Girls
89True Texas Hoops 2028 Crabtree505th Girls
89Integrity Sports506th Girls
89HG Elite 2026507th Girls
89Hoop Society505th Girls
141Dallas Soldiers 16U4010th Boys
141Texas Tar Heels 2022 Blue4010th Boys
141Texas Spartans 20234010th Boys
141Cavs Hoops4010th Boys
141BYG Elite 20234010th Boys
141Shhh.Just Get Better4010th Boys
141Dallas Roadrunners4010th Boys
141DC Kings 2021 WTF4011th/12th Boys
141GW Elite4011th/12th Boys
141Team Haltom4011th/12th Boys
141Gators Elite 20224011th/12th Boys
141Texas Elite4011th/12th Boys
141Team United Texas4011th/12th Boys
141Midwest Magic4011th/12th Boys
141M.A.S.H.4011th/12th Boys
141JAB4011th/12th Boys
141Team ESBY4011th/12th Boys
141Texas Stars 2029404th Boys
141HotBoyz 2029404th Boys
141Texas Stars 2028405th Boys
141Lil Bucks405th Boys
141Irving Heat 2028405th Boys
141Bigtyme Sports Black406th Boys
141DFW Bad Boyz406th Boys
141Texas Dynasty406th Boys
141Dallas Wildcats 27406th Boys
141Dallas Mustangs406th Boys
141BT UA Gold407th Boys
141Future Spartans407th Boys
141Triple Threat Elite407th Boys
141F-5 Elite407th Boys
141Sunnyvale Raiders408th Boys
141Hurricanes Elite Basketball 408th Boys
1413d Empire 2025408th Boys
141212 Blue - 2025408th Boys
141Future Spartans408th Boys
141Kategory 5 408th Boys
141Driven Elite Black408th Boys
141Hurricanes Dallas408th Boys
141Lightning Elite 2025408th Boys
141RBC409th Boys
141DC Kings 2024 Denton409th Boys
141UA EAD 2024409th Boys
141Gater NU409th Boys
141MTAG Wolfpack409th Boys
141RZB Elite 2024409th Boys
141RBA Academy 2025408th Boys
141HPB JV4010th Boys
141Proskills4011/12th Boys
141Texas Elite Haynes4010th Girls
141Lady Razorbacks Elite 20234010th Girls
141Lady Ballers4010th Girls
141DFW Hawks 2023 King4010th Girls
141Lady Spartans4010th Girls
141Kingdom Performance4011/12th Girls
141Texas U Baxter4011/12th Girls
141Texas Elite East Texas 20224011/12th Girls
141Texas LoneStar 16U White4011/12th Girls
141DFW Lady Raiders 2028405th Girls
141Lady Blue Devils406th Girls
141325408th Girls
141Triumph Gold408th Girls
141Texas Sports Performance409th Girls
141Texas Elite Flight406th Girls
141Team United406th Girls
141Triumph Gold404th Girls
141Divas407th Girls
141D1 Elite 2027406th Girls
209UA EAD Southlake TX3010th Boys
209United Kings3010th Boys
209Texas Stars3010th Boys
209D-Town Magic3010th Boys
209Blazers Elite3011th/12th Boys
209R.E.B.3011th/12th Boys
209NTX Elite 3011th/12th Boys
209Irving Heat3011th/12th Boys
209Cavs Hoops3011th/12th Boys
209Euless Supersonics3011th/12th Boys
209ADM Basketball Training Academy3011th/12th Boys
209Midlo Elite3011th/12th Boys
209Texas Titans3011th/12th Boys
209Sharks Elite Basketball3011th/12th Boys
209Triumph HS3011th/12th Boys
209Elite Hoops Academy304th Boys
209Hoop Kubicsek304th Boys
209Playmakers305th Boys
209Defenders305th Boys
209Playmakers306th Boys
209Bigtyme Sports White306th Boys
209FW Wildcats 12u306th Boys
209Triumph Gold 2027306th Boys
209RZB Elite 2027306th Boys
209RBA Academy 2027306th Boys
209North Texas Storm 2026 Turner307th Boys
209UA EAD Southlake TX307th Boys
209NLMA Elite North308th Boys
209AYG Lakes 2025 Purple308th Boys
209NTX Showtime 2025 Black308th Boys
209Kingdom Perforamnce309th Boys
209P5 Basketball309th Boys
209UA EAD 2024309th Boys
209GMEN TIGERS309th Boys
209Ellis Elite Gladiators 2025309th Boys
209Dallas Elite305th Boys
209Hays County Hornets - 2025 LaKeith308th Boys
209Baller University Basketball309th Boys
209Oak Cliff Stars3011/12th Boys
209HPB V23011/12th Boys
209League City Defenders3010th Girls
209Texas LoneStar 15U Navy3010th Girls
209Lady Playmakers3010th Girls
209Lady Hawks Elite3011/12th Girls
209Texas First3011/12th Girls
209Texas Elite North Mix3011/12th Girls
209Storm303rd Girls
209NTX Lady Storm 2029304th Girls
209Victory 2029304th Girls
209True Texas Hoops 2029304th Girls
209D1 Elite 2027306th Girls
209Lady Dawgs306th Girls
209Hoop Society 307th Girls
209Argyle Dominators307th Girls
209Triumph Gold 2024309th Girls
209Texas LoneStar 14U Grey309th Girls
209AD Elite309th Girls
209True Texas Hoops 2027 - Maupin306th Girls
209DFW Hawks White 2027306th Girls
209DC Queens 2027 Orange Unleashed307th Girls
209Lady Showtime 2029304th Girls
209Lady Showtime 2027306th Girls
271UA EAD 2023 Green2010th Boys
271Hurricanes Elite Basketball 2010th Boys
271Team OTF2010th Boys
271Brinker Elite2010th Boys
271YB33 20212011th/12th Boys
271Texas Tar Heels 2022 Black2011th/12th Boys
271United Ballers2011th/12th Boys
271Bowie Jackrabbits2011th/12th Boys
271GP Blazers2011th/12th Boys
271Team FOE 2022 2011th/12th Boys
271Outlaws2011th/12th Boys
271North Texas Fire2011th/12th Boys
271Hoops Simmons203rd Boys
271Texas Takeover206th Boys
271Irving Heat206th Boys
271Hurricanes Dallas206th Boys
271NTX Spartans - Green206th Boys
271Foundation 2025207th Boys
271NTX Spartans - White207th Boys
271NTX PROWLERS - BLUE208th Boys
271Be Elite 2025208th Boys
271BBSS Grey208th Boys
271DC Kings 2025 WTF208th Boys
271BTs UA Black208th Boys
271RunWay Jets (8th Grade Silver)208th Boys
271BBSS GREY208th Boys
271G-Men Elite208th Boys
271Be Elite Black208th Boys
271BDB Champions209th Boys
271RawGreatness209th Boys
271City2City 2024209th Boys
271EAB 2024 Red209th Boys
271RBA Academy 2024209th Boys
271Texas Stars 2206th Boys
271Team Devoted 2026 (Tommy)207th Boys
271Eagles 2026207th Boys
271Panthers2010th Boys
271Lady Spartans2010th Girls
271Bears Elite2011/12th Girls
271DFW Hawks 2021 Harvey2011/12th Girls
271Yukon Impact2011/12th Girls
271Texas LoneStar 16U Crimson2011/12th Girls
271Texas U 16u Samuels2011/12th Girls
271Lee Green2011/12th Girls
271DC Queens 2030 Black203rd Girls
271NTX Lady Storm 2026207th Girls
271Texas Elite East Texas 2025208th Girls
271Texas Finest 2025/2026208th Girls
271DFW Hawks 2025 King208th Girls
271Nike Cy Fair Elite 2025208th Girls
271Arlington Rise208th Girls
271DC Queens 2028205th Girls
271DC Queens Black205th Girls
271DC Queens Royal206th Girls
271True Texas Hoops 2026 - Manack207th Girls
271Hurricanes Dallas208th Girls
327Hayabusa1010th Boys
327TD Elite1010th Boys
327Sharks Elite Basketball1010th Boys
327Kingdom Performance1010th Boys
327Team FOE 2021 Black1011th/12th Boys
327Texas Sports Performance1011th/12th Boys
327Cardinals1011th/12th Boys
327Crush 20221011th/12th Boys
327BTS UA Red1011th/12th Boys
327AYG Lakers High School1011th/12th Boys
327Red River Rattlers1011th/12th Boys
327Hawks105th Boys
327Triumph Gold 2028105th Boys
327Hoop Simmons 2027106th Boys
327Texas Stars 2026107th Boys
327DC Kings 2026 Silver107th Boys
327Hurricanes Dallas107th Boys
327The Organization108th Boys
327North Texas Storm 2025 Turner108th Boys
327YB33 2025108th Boys
327Push the Rock 2025: Hodge108th Boys
327Be Elite Red108th Boys
327Kingdom Performance108th Boys
327DPE 2025108th Boys
327Texas Tar Heels 2024109th Boys
327Mansfield Rebels109th Boys
327OC Hoop Dawgs 2024109th Boys
327Elevate109th Boys
327Texas Stars109th Boys
327TB Attack109th Boys
3273D EMPIRE 2025109th Boys
327Lockdown Kings109th Boys
327D.C. Kings 2024 Denton109th Boys
327Texas Stars 1 106th Boys
327XPRESS Hoops 25 Black108th Boys
327Impact Players 2024 Select109th Boys
3273d Empire 2025109th Boys
327Granbury Pirates JV1010th Boys
327AGA1011/12th Boys
327Granbury Pirates1011/12th Boys
327Lady Storm1010th Girls
327Bears Elite1011/12th Girls
327Bigtyme Sports Lady Pink105th Girls
327Prime94Fifty106th Girls
327DFW Hawks Blue 2027106th Girls
327TD Lady Ballers107th Girls
327Bigtyme Sports Lady Blue108th Girls
327D1 Elite 2025108th Girls
327Texas LoneStar 14U Silver109th Girls
327NTX Lady Storm 2024109th Girls
327DFW Elite108th Girls
327Lady Blade105th Girls
327Frisco Hoops106th Girls
1Powerhouse Hoops - Caldwell2409th Boys
2Above All Sports Hoops-Heirs2006th Boys
3SIR Red1909th Boys
4S.I.R. Black17010th Boys
4Katy Select 7th1707th Boys
6BIG Basketball Academy Hurricanes11010th Boys
7Rice Raptors Legacy10011/12th Girls
8JL3 2026907th Boys
9Flashpoint 20238010th Boys
9Louisiana Hawks806th Boys
9G4G Elite808th Boys
9United Sports Advantage808th Boys
13Texas Outlawz 2028705th Boys
13Northside Dragons706th Boys
13Clutch City Kings 2025708th Boys
13Westside Warriors708th Boys
13Clutch City Kings 2024709th Boys
13Katy Raptors - Black709th Boys
13RL9 - Walker709th Boys
20MO CITY BALLERS6011/12th Boys
20Katy Raptors - White609th Boys
20Texas Energy Elite6010th Girls
20Houston Skyrise Stars6011/12th Girls
24Beast Elite 17U5011/12th Boys
24Galena Park5011/12th Boys
24Longhorns5011/12th Boys
24Team Future5011/12th Boys
24Nemesis Crushers5011/12th Boys
24Louisiana Dream Team5011/12th Boys
24Katy Hoops507th Boys
24Katy Select 2025508th Boys
24JL3 2025 Posey508th Boys
24BR Tigers508th Boys
24Katy Raptors - Gold509th Boys
24We It 2024509th Boys
24S.W.A.G.Elite Blue5011/12th Girls
24Houston Dream5011/12th Girls
24Lady FAM Elite507th Girls
24Power Basketball508th Girls
40Beast Elite 16U4010th Boys
40Louisiana SquadUp4010th Boys
40Deer Park4011/12th Boys
40Proskills 2021 Black4011/12th Boys
40TMIT 2028-29405th Boys
40DNA Outlawz405th Boys
40Texas Outlaws 2027406th Boys
40WeIt Elite Ballers406th Boys
40Nemesis Crushers407th Boys
40JL3 2025 Goode408th Boys
40JL3 2025 Syon408th Boys
40RL9 Fred409th Boys
40Steam Ahead Basketball409th Boys
40Nene Elite 2027406th Boys
40Houston Prospects408th Boys
40Mo City Ballers Red408th Boys
40JL3 2025 Posey409th Boys
40JL3 2025 Syon409th Boys
40Katy Crush 20234010th Girls
40Houston Fury - Thanos4010th Girls
40Principles First Select4010th Girls
40Lady Thunder4011/12th Girls
40BIG Basketball Academy Hurricanes4011/12th Girls
40Principles First Select4011/12th Girls
40Skyrise Select4011/12th Girls
65HUSTLE ELITE3010th Boys
65Katy Raptors - Black3010th Boys
65Tomball Wildcats 2023 Navy3010th Boys
65Global Ballerz3011/12th Boys
65H-Town Gliders3011/12th Boys
65TNBA 17U Creeks3011/12th Boys
65TNBA 17U Love3011/12th Boys
65Proskills 2022 Black3011/12th Boys
65Clutch City Kings 2029304th Boys
65Locked In306th Boys
65JL3 2027306th Boys
65Uptempo Sports306th Boys
65Texas Explosion306th Boys
65Clutch City Kings 2026307th Boys
65Houston Wolves307th Boys
65Twelve308th Boys
65TNBA309th Boys
65TNBA 15U Carr309th Boys
65Katy Raptors308th Boys
65Steam Ahead Basketball3010th Boys
65Houston Fury - Avengers3010th Girls
65CyFair Premier Black3011/12th Girls
65Just Play Elite309th Girls
65DC Queens Norths SA 26307th Girls
89Urban Kings2010th Boys
89League City Defenders2011/12th Boys
89Katy Lightning2011/12th Boys
89GSA All-Stars205th Boys
89Houston Raptors205th Boys
89TMIT 2027206th Boys
89Tomball Wildcats 2025208th Boys
89League City Defenders209th Boys
89Powerhouse Hoops - Sapp209th Boys
89Southeast Texas Hoops205th Boys
89H-Town's Finest206th Boys
89Katy Lightning2010th Boys
89CyFair Premier White2010th Girls
89Lady Defenders Black2011/12th Girls
89Powerhouse Hoops2011/12th Girls
89Texas First 2011/12th Girls
89TNBA 17U Richman2011/12th Girls
89Lady Defenders209th Girls
89Nemesis Crushers207th Girls
108Brownsville Basketball Acaademy1010th Boys
108Principles First Select1010th Boys
108Katy Hustle1010th Boys
108IQ Elite1011/12th Boys
108Texas Elite - Houston 16U1011/12th Boys
108SWLA Hoopers1011/12th Boys
108Katy Hustle1011/12th Boys
108Clutch City Kings 2028105th Boys
108Clutch City Kings 2027106th Boys
108TMIT 2026107th Boys
108BDA-Carey108th Boys
108I-Rise 2025108th Boys
108TNBA 14U Latham108th Boys
108Clutch City Kings - Black109th Boys
108Hempstead Runnin' Cats109th Boys
108Urban Kings109th Boys
108Southeast Texas Hoops107th Boys
108Ground Zero108th Boys
108Clutch City Starz1010th Boys
108Cypress Triple Thr3at1010th Girls
108Texas Lady Breakers - Teal1010th Girls
108Lady Defenders White1011/12th Girls
108Texas Lady Breakers - Gold1011/12th Girls
108Texas Evolution1011/12th Girls
108MW Sports Academy108th Girls

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