UPDATED: March 20, 2021

Now more than ever it is our social duty to look after the health and well-being of all who attend our sports events.

We THANK YOU in advance for following our Event Guidelines.

3 Step Sports, LLC, and PrimeTime Sports want to assure you that we take the health, safety and well-being of our event participants, attendees, and workers very seriously.

Due to the ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, we continue to monitor national/state/local guidelines, as well as health organization reports, including updates from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and others.

Event guidelines will vary by location and date, as state and local governments will issue their own guidelines and the guidelines will be revised as circumstances change. In addition, each facility may have guidelines, protocols, or rules that are stricter than those required by applicable state and local government.  In such instance, the event operator, participants, and attendees are required to comply with the facility rules and regulations as a condition of entry into and remaining in the facility.

Event practices and protocols will be updated as such changes occur or facility rules and regulations provide.


    • PrimeTime will coordinate with each facility as to facility’s maintenance plan and schedule, pre event and during the event.
    • Various practices will be unique to a facility. The week of the event, PrimeTime will communicate:
    • Facility’s masking requirements. Even though state and local governments may not require masks, each facility is authorized to impose mandatory masks as a condition of entry into a facility.
    • Facility capacity limits
    • Any limits on attendees by team
    • Designated points of entry and exit for the facilities
    • Social distancing requirements and layout, as this will vary by facility
    • Any unique protocols for the facilities
    • PrimeTime will communicate any facility specific rules and regulations to the coaches and attendees of each event.

      Event Staff

      • Event staff will be trained as to Best Practices & Risk Mitigation.
      • Each time a staff worker, including officials, enters the facility, the staff worker will have their temperature taken. Any staff worker with a temperature equal to or greater than 100 degrees will be denied entry into the building.
      • Daily, each staff worker, including officials, will complete a Health Declaration each day of the event to limit staff with underlying conditions from being on site.
      • All event staff will be required to wear face masks during the event.

      Event Entry/Exit

        • Anyone entering the facility will have their temperature taken to restrict the entry of any person who may be running a fever.
          • This will be conducted with a non-evasive thermal scanner as each person enters the building.

      Any person with a temperature equal to or greater than 100 degrees will be denied entry into the building.

      All gate admissions will be purchased on-line to more efficiently manage entry into the event, minimize personal interactions, and avoid exchange of cash, passes, wrist bands, etc.

        • Attendees will be asked no not enter facility more than 10 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
        • Attendees will be asked to exit the building following the conclusion of their team’s game.

        It is strongly recommended that all attendees wear face masks in the facility, in order to protect others as well as yourself.   Any facility rules or regulations requiring masks will be enforces as a condition of as a condition of entry into and remaining in the facility.

      Event Operations

      • Based upon layout and best practices of each facility, a specific Social Distancing protocol will be in place and communicated in advance of the event.
      • Sanitizer stations will be provided in the facility.
      • Officials will be provided an electronic whistle.
      • Each facility has a Best Practices protocol for cleaning the facility during an event.
      • All basketball will be sanitized between games and at half time.
      • Each player will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry into a game, whether at the beginning of the game, start of 2nd half, or substitution.
      • Players will not be required to wear masks as doing so poses a physical health risk.
      • The benches and score tables will be sanitized  when a team exits the bench area.
      • No wall brackets will be available.  Schedules and results can be found on the PrimeTime schedule app.
      • We ask that the players not participate in the traditional post-game sportsmanship line and refrain from handshakes, fist bumps and high fives.

      Common Sense for All

      • Have each player bring their own source of water.
      • Do not use water fountains or team water bottles.
      • Remind players to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Sanitize afterward.
      • Remind players to wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer after every game.
      • Remind players to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.
      • If anyone is showing flu-like symptoms, or if you are uncomfortable having them participate in organized activities, please keep them home. As appropriate, contact your healthcare provider.


      PrimeTime Sports will continue to monitor developments, re-evaluate our policies and systems as circumstances change, and communicate any changes to our teams.  Please be assured our focus is on the health and safety of our participants.

      Sports are a critical part of who we are, individually and as a community. We see this as a responsible, first step in a re-entry to playing a game we love and shifting our focus, even if just a bit, to hope and opportunity.


      We look forward to seeing you on the courts soon.  

      Be safe and stay well.

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