Host Opportunities

Hosting a PrimeTime Sports Basketball tournament is an outstanding fund-raising opportunity for a school, club, team, or organization. A host can raise thousands of dollars with minimal work and time commitment.

PrimeTime Sports markets the event, enrolls the teams, hires the officials, schedules the games, communicates with the teams, provides awards, and staffs the event on-site. The host is responsible for providing gyms. Your group may also run concessions and keep 100% of the proceeds as an additional source of fund-raising income.

In considering a PrimeTime Sports event, compare our services to other tournaments:

  • We provide all tournament marketing
  • We provide online registration
  • We provide online payment
  • We schedule all games and prepare all brackets
  • We schedule and pay all officials
  • We handle all communications with coaches and teams
  • We purchase all tournament awards
  • We provide liability and supplemental medical insurance for free
  • We always have members from our management team present at every league and tournament site to manage any game day issues
  • We share the tournament’s financial success with you!

If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to with your name, organization name, gym location, and number of gyms available.