The PrimeTime Team is excited to share the launch our new website with you and most of all the celebration of our 20th Anniversary Year.

Events for 2020 are coming soon!

Events for 2020 are coming soon!

Looking back over the past 20 years, we are reminded of the thousands of athletes just like you who made the choice to Play PrimeTime.

More than 7,000 scholarship players and more than 100 professional players have risen to the pinnacle of athletic greatness.

Now, we invite you to help us celebrate, and continue, this proud legacy together. Play PrimeTime this year. And when you do, ask yourself this…

Why Do You Play PrimeTime?

Here are a few samples of why thousands of teams chose to play PrimeTime.  If you haven’t been to a PrimeTime event we encourage you to check us out and see what makes us the best tournament organization in the country!

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